Discolouration of toes

My main problem is a tremour which started in my arm which invited my leg to join the party. Recently, I have noticed, and for the most part, tried to ignore a discolouration in my toes on the tremor side. I am sure this question has been asked before but I decided to ask again anyway. At times, I also feel that the ends of my toes might be slightly numb, not completely. This is not present all the time. The discolouration also comes and goes.

Would be grateful for any feedback.

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  • I have experienced knumbness and dicoloraation of my toes on the right foot. It happens about twice a month,.I notice it when I have been inactive for a period of time.

  • I, too, have the same symptoms you describe which up until lately I have attributed to Parkinson's. however, I have been researching lately the possibility of it being connected to a pre-diabetic condition. I have never been diagnosed as having diabetes and had a blood test only several months ago, but there is also a condition called insulin resistance which is quite common. Either way, it would be better to see your GP for a diagnosis and treatment if required.


  • I have actually been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I am not on any medication as my results were borderline, so I control this by diet. I know that discoloration of toes can be caused by diabetes, but as my results are never that high, I tend to think that this is not the cause. However, I will speak to my G.P. Thanks

  • hello sue - i as you no doubtt know have been dx as having psp but i do have the numb toes thing so maybe i should gett a blood test ?

  • I had to make sure my shoes fit in such a way that the toes had extra room. When they got dystonic, they bang against the shoe and I can;t feel it but I feel pain elsewhere all up the leg. Then the toes are purple and calloused. I've had to experiment with shoe liners too.

  • When I was on requip my FEET were purple \*-*/

  • is that part of PD? i had the toes just like Court for about 2 years before i was diagnosed and just put it down to bad circulation caused by 54 years of smoking. About a year later, after they had added Ropinerole to my cocktail, it just gradually faded away. I didn't assciate it with PD until tonight, when i read Court's message.



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