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pain and positive attitude

does anyone get bad heads neck ace back ache and my left foot hurts at times i dragged it at first they thought had arthitis im thankful tho as at first i was told cud be brain tumour so glad its not, i found it hard to accept i got parkinsons i used to nurse people with it but at least theres good medication to treat it now. i dont let this beat me i go out and dance to good bands tho struggle at times its worth it being positive helps but do fell down at times

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I have neck and shoulder pain 24/7. I also have pain in my lower back at times and pain from an ingiunal hernia the surgeons won't operate on because I have heart issue. I have Vicodin that helps most of my pain sites when I use it, which I rarely do. I like Tiger balm for my neck, back and shoulder pain. It may not really work, but it makes ME feel better. I think attitude has a lot to do with the degree of pain we have and I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE!


I too get paint in shoulder, back, neck, legs, etc. I suspect it is related to the PD, I told the Neurologist he says nonesense. The GP just wants to prescribe painkillers. not interested as to why it happens.

I just get on with day to day life and try to forget it. last thing I need is having my senses dulled by strong painkillers. I want to live not exist.


I had neck and shoulder pain, going up to my head, which was making me feel a bit giddy / woozy / weird.

Went to GP who gave me a low dose of Amitriptyline, Fantastic stuff and i feel so much better, the neck pain is gone and the weird feeling in my head is almost completely gone, made such a difference.

Amitriptyline is an anti depressant however a very low dose acts as a muscle relaxant. I take it at night as it can make you drowsy. I sleep like the dead now which is wonderful and feelso much better. The other bonus is that it has helped with my tremor, I can write again!!!!

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Hello carolineb211

I was interested to read of your experience with Amitriptyline, particularly giving you improved sleep. You say that you are taking a low dose, may I ask what is an actual small dose in terms of Mgs?




Qi gong,exercises, gentle massage, relaxation..not bending over too, ironing, washing up ..keep shoulders back at all times you feel pain..check your posture...alexander technique...


I'm with hilary . My triangle of pain is knees and lower left ab. exercises like Alexander Technique. Sufficient rest. Fellowship. I was on Xanax but got off it when I realized part of the ab pain was my colon trying to work. Physical therapist specializing in ab pain helped me pinpoint the origin of ab pain and deal with it. Occasional advil . In emergency percoset.


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