The last of the diagnosis polls Is running today and I have to say that they have provided extremely useful information. Parkinson's Movement is broadcasting a webinar on diagnosis and issues around it (7 PM GMT, 2 PM Eastern I believe) on 29 November at

The intention of the webinar is to try and explore how people are diagnosed, how that information is conveyed to the patient and how the patient moves forward. Every patient is different but we feel that there should probably be some ground rules on how a diagnosis is given.

The information you have provided in the polls and in the comments shows that, whatever the objectives, many of you had experiences that were decidedly sub optimal. But it is important to turn negatives into positives and these will help to inform the nature of the debate.

Your feedback has been essential in this process. Patients can only make an impact when their voices are heard. Your opinions on these issues have helped to shape the webinar. Tune in on the 29th to hear and see how.

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  • Thank you for caring



  • Thank you for listening to us. I am fortunate in having an understanding and supportive husband and doctor and feel so badly that others do not. I don't have a clue what can be done about this, but at least you are trying. Kudos!

  • This is important work. I hope every MD and PD professional gets the message.

  • Yes, I believe it is important to get this information out to doctors, it does sound like the majority of us did not have a positive experience. I am trying to change to a movement specialist from a regular neurologist, but after spending 20 min. on hold just waiting to make an appointment, I am not so sure it is the right choice. Guess I will see.


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