Been away for a while Now I am back

Hi All,

I Had to leave the site for a while due to some Trolls finding out i was on here and wishing i was dead, ah well you just cant put a good man down, so whats been happening out ther in parkie world.

I am goin in to hospital tomorrow to get my eye fixed , detached retina and a cattarach

ouch , suppose they will have to put me out just i case i start to shake as is my want , cant have a guy or doll with a scalpel going to close to my eye incase i go off , now that woold not be good , would it

Love to you all


Ps Still not sleeping


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  • Hi Al, was wondering how you were lol

    Hope all goes well with your eye fix - sure the medical staff will love your sense of humour!

    Take care


  • Hi Ali,


    Op went well , can see now out of both eyes , just wish they could have done something for the non sleeping , ah well one thing at a time .

    How are you doing?




  • hi al i was wondering what had happen to you - i too am going ito hop today - for a drug holiday - do hope all goes well for you ## lots of

    love and hugs OOOO XXXXX OOOOO


  • Sha ,

    Hope yore trip to the hospital goes well, my Op went well now see with both eyes

    take care



  • thats great news xxx i am on line in the hosp - great isnt it ?

  • Words fail me re the trolls - knew who you were just with the word 'trolls'. I really hope that all works out well today.x

  • Hi Fiona,

    Ah The trolls , did Laraine tell you about them, I had to come off all internet , Linkdin, youtube , facebook and the most important site was this one, any way we found out who it was and is now sorted , dont ask how , just remember you know who I really am and what i can do

    Take care and will see you both soon



  • Best of luck. Hope the results are better than expected.

  • Hi ,

    All went well , i am typing this with no Glasses on, just wish they could have done some ting about my spelling,


  • Best of luck--I am p***ed because I have to call eye doctor today because I have big blurry spot in my right eye. I can no longer remember who I'm supposed to see next: the gyn, the GI, the GP or the neuro :D Damn. I give up . I need a Geriatric Care Manager at $200 an hour! hahahaha

  • hi Pat

    all went well



  • That's good. I'm not happy Out out damn blurry spot! It's not working. It makes it hard to go about at night, especially taking the bus at night since here we drive on right side, not that I drive, but seeing the bus stop with my blurry right eye! All the best PAl!

  • I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you blog when all is well

    Take care and God bless.

  • Hi Mate,

    thanks i startedto write a short book about a year with Parkie, at chapter 10 just now , its a blast and funny in most parts however it has a serious side to it too


  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your kind words

    the eye op went well, i am sitting in my kitchen just now with sunglasses on and its bloddy november in a cold wet and dark Scotland, eye is sore but should start to see better by the morning ,

    glad to be back

    Love to you all



  • Good luck with that Surgery -- especially the detached retina. I worked for a retinal specialist what back when and know it is not an easy, especially combined with cataract surgery.

  • Hi Jenny,

    Both went really well



  • Hi Al, good to you have you back. Hope the eye surgery goes well. I had sleep problems for about 6 months. I'd wake go to the bathroom get back in bed and not go to sleep so I'd get up and ramble around the house. I finally decided I was going to stay in bed. I would take a Clonazpam then just relax my mind never letting any stress in. It took a couple weeks but now I sleep well and only use the Clonazpam when my neck hurts at bedtime. Don't know if this helps but I hope it does. Good night, Sleep tight, sweet dreams, don't let the bedbugs bite!

    Been to the pub lately?

    Hugs, Terri

  • Hi Terri,

    Just amazin to see with both eyes agin, it had been such a long time , spelling is still crap, and still going to the Pub

    Sleep still a problem been up since 3am this morning .

    Am just used to the non sleeping now

    Take care



  • Hello stranger :-)

    Glad your op went well buddy just hope you can get ya sleeplessness sorted out ASAP. Nice to see you back on here too

    Take care


  • Hi Al, missed your lively blogs. Good to see you around again.

  • Hi Al

    Lovely to see you posting again. You have been missed. Andy and I were only wondering the other day if you were ok. Am reading your book chapters and, as usuak, they are to say the least interesting. Glad your eye op went well.


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