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Another soldier for the cause !! The General !!

Brian Grant was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's in 2008 at the age of 36. He's a father of six children and a 12-year veteran of the NBA. At the time of his diagnosis, Brian reached out to other Parkinson's patients, caregivers and medical professionals for advice on how to power forward with the disease. Like you, Brian continues to ask questions, pursue answers and learn about his disease.

Check out this video on YouTube:

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Anthony...Thanks for sharing this with all of us.


thank you so much anthony ,i guess i never wanted to let the world know because they didn't know what parkinson's was. and i still don't know an awful lot about it, as far as explaining it to any one . but they don't ask me too. so you feel kind of alone. i am so happy that i have found this link so i know i'm not alone. everybody doesn't lose a lot of weight , but i sure have. it was a great help when michael j. fox, came out with it. thanks to you too mike.


Hey Anthony, in the video it looks like you're getting an iv of something. What were they giving you??


That isn't me sorry I don't know what he is receiving


the video is not working for me -can you let me know what title is of the video so i can search on you tube for it


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