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The Chinese Miracle ????

I found by coincidence some time ago this webside which became precious to me as it

ties an intimate bond with my P.D. partners.

In 2004, taking my retirement I had been diagnosed with P.D. after several misdiagnoses

Until 2008 I lived quite comfortable with this condition as only the right arm was " ivolved "

and my daily 2mg dose of Mirapex helt the tremor under control.

Then in 2008 the tremor increased with a moderate Bradikynese developed. I did not want

to live with that bothering jitter and after extensive seach on the internet I decided to go for

the Chinese treatment performed in Beijing.

The procedure consisted of an implant of adult hRPE stemcells injected via a single

stereotactic brain injection and additional mesenchymal stem cell implantation via lumbar

puncture, plus daily accupuncture and phsysical therapy.

The hospital, equipment and staff were of top-class standard and my wife could share my

room as my Guardian angel. The duration of treatment depended on treatment advance

and in general lasts 3-4 weeks.

The operation lasted approximately 1 hour and the result was rather dramatic, the moment

the injection was aministered the temor ceased completely, no stiffness any longer -

I litterary felt reborn and like a spring chicken.

A few days prior to our departure I received an additional mesenchymal stem cell injection

as a lumbar puncture, which did not change the situation.

For about 6 weeks I had the pleasure to enjoy a jitter-free life, I felt reborn and active as

before - but then gradually the tremor in the right arm reminded me that P.D had not

given up and the battle was still on.

In general I have to admit that the Chinese traetment was not fully successful but it helped

living with this horrible condition.

Take it easy fellows ,sooner or later the real solution will be there, I am quite positive


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Interesting story Fred.

I know one other person who had a stem cell implant in Europe. the results were great expense and short term benefit but inevitable continued progression of PD. I am skeptical of this treatment at the moment. i think it is still early days in research. All the treatment centres are private businesses as far as i can see. im curious as to who ran the clinic in China?


hello hikoi,

the hospital's name on webside is. BEIJING PUHUA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL.

the Neuro was Dr.Han

They never promised me total healing but improvement..........

I take now no longer LEVA-Dopa only 1/4 mg Artene when needed for the tremor,

but I am very sportive..........and that is imperative

let me know if you need more info.



Hi Fred,I was also thinking of receiving treatment from the same people .

How are you now?any lasting effects from their treatment?

Are you back to where you were before the treatment?



hi sonia

re. my chinese experience.

the Neuro's name was dr.HAN, the hospital webside info

www.beijing puhua international hospital.

i think the treatment had some success I barely take no more Leva-Dopa tabs,

only artene, 1/4 mg 4 times daily

any more info needed let me know..



I personally believe that early on, I enjoyed slowed progression of the disease when I practiced yoga daily and went to acupuncture sometimes twice a week.

I think anything that we do to "better" ourselves can have a positive effect mentally as well as physically!


Oh yes I believe in stem cell treatment. The problem is that it has worked too well. They have not been able to control how much dopamine you produce, meaning that in most cases you get way to much which is a bad thing. You can look it up on MJF website. Very promising stuff but even the top researchers are now saying that it is even farther into the future for a viable treatment with stem cells.


And I suppose the root cause of your PD has not been dealt with by this treatment


A German company called X-Cell provided a service rather similar to the Chinese one. I have read somewhere to day that they have been closed as they were unethically providing an unproven / unsafe procedure following the death of some youngster treated at their cliniic.


hello Pete,

I read about the German scam and would have never signed up them.

The chinese treatment somehow integated the classic chinese medicine with the

stemcell treatment. I know I took a certain risk but I still believe I profited with the 4

weeks in Beijing, as I need now only 1/4 of the medicine and no LevaDopa any

more. The Chinese never promised a full recovery but they claimed improvement

On top of the hospital treatment I had a great time visiting Beijing - but I

would not do it again



Well I'm pleased that you have some long term benefit along with the shorter term ones. I would imagine that being in China meant the charges were not as high as you might find in Germany too.


charges,you be surprised..............

the treatment,no food came to 205000 RMB which converts to us$

to 32500.



By eck!


Who pockets that!

How long since your treatment finished Fred?


hi Hikoi,

do you mean who paying for it ?????????????

well every penny from your side which was 32000 US$

I have had the procedure done in Mai/June 2012


Hi Fred

Sorry it was confusing.

Who pockets that meant who gets the money- did it all go into private individuals pockets as i guess it did. I was really just expressing surprise at how much money someone is making out of us people with Parkinsons.

It is 4-5 months since treatment now so it will be interesting to hear a report in a year. All the best.