5am\3hrs sleep - feet and lower legs so uncomfortable. Is DBS the Answer?

Hi everyone,. I had a real good day today. Do not know why\how? Took my meds on time as usual did nothing different. Now its like a switch has gone off. I felt good until my last med dosage of the day. Next thing I felt so tired I could not move. Legs felt heavy and sore. My feet tightened up with horrible what I call electrical like sensations going through my right foot. I spent an hour massaging my feet and legs while sitting on the floor. Like a zombie trying to get some relief. My lower legs felt bumpy and sore\tight. I slept from 2am to 5am and am awake since. Body very tired but brain is thinking, thinking, thinking. What is this? I am laying down on the couch typing and my feet just want to be on the move and feel so tight. I am a candidate for DBS. Will this really help this and allow me to get a little more complete switch off brain\body sleep?

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  • Sounds like your meds or there timing may need looking at. The night problem is not clear but could be restless leg syndrome. Have you a Parkinsons nurse you can discuss with.?

  • Good idea. I have gotten used to the idea of bumping UP my meds at bed time. Awkward since I have to take with a snack. So I have to change my routine: meds, snack, brush teeth, take sleeping meds, sleep?

  • Good question!!! My husband has the same issues!! He just had DBS on Oct. the 1st. We just turned on the DBS yesterday. We are praying that it will stop this craziness!! I will let you know!! :-)

  • Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you Imbanni.

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