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problems with falling

my brother has been quite sick for almost a year now and now he has started falling down all the time he keeps getting weaker and weaker any suggestions?

I sure wish I could do something to help my brother feel better. It is so horrible to see him fall he says it is like someone pushes him down. So far he has been lucky with mostly bruising and some minor cuts but one of these times it's going to be serious.

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There is a physical therapy program called LSVT BIG Therapy. You can google it to find their website and on their site you can find out where their certified therapists are located. The program is an hour a day, four days a week for six weeks. I have had only one minor fall since receiving BIG Therapy in 2010.


Hi, lets hope this helps your brother. Will you post again and let us know. Its nice to read such caring/compassionate posts.



has your brothe rhad a diaghnosis

i HAVE PSP a rare type of parkinsons and fall a lto (5/6 times a dya on average)

but thhe falls would be seriosu if i did nto wear (break dancignI) knee pads around hte clock!

and my first big falll was 5 year sago way b4 diagnosis

i tmakes sense fo rhim to see a movement disorder s specialist too

more on myk own blog

lol JIll



Have someone monitor your brother's blood pressure. Take it when he is sitting down and then have him get up and walk a few steps. Take it again while he is standing. If there is a significant drop, he may have developed orthostatic hypotension. The body doesn't react fast enough when he stands and he isn't getting enough oxygen to his brain. This happened often to my husband until he started taking fludrocortisone to keep his blood pressure elevated.

This is another symptom of PD.


Good answer. Since about a month after my 4-vessel coronary artery bypass graft in June, I rarely have orthostatic hypotension episodes whereas I had many a day before the surgery. I had always thought the lightheadedness was due to PD induced orthostatic hypotension. I may have been wrong.


Other than atrial fib, my husband's vessels are fine and his heart muscle is healthy. We had a cardiologist check him out for any cardiac issues just before he was diagnosed with PD.


definitely exercise in a PD oriented setting will help. In my PD classes, we work on balance and falling and learn new skills. I almost fall but have learned to right myself.


There is a walker made especially for PD patients. It's called the U-Step. If you google it you can read a lot of information about it. There is also a phone number on the site to order one.

Medicare covers it under certain conditions. They (the U-Step provider) can also give you the name of some PD agencies that may be able to help you financially with purchasing one. I have one and it is an excellent walker to help with balance. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't work as well on pile carpet. I hope this will help your brother. Blessings to you both.


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