In case you missed the first PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT webinar (THE SHAKING PALSY: THE CHANGING FACE OF PARKINSON'S), or you had technical problems, the films have been polished up and are now available for you to watch again in your own time.


1) overview of the webinar series and introduction

2) history of a malady -- the early description and characterisation of PD

3) lotions and potions -- early treatments for PD

4) talking to the experts -- interviews about the changing nature of PD

If you have any thoughts, comments, feedback or suggestions, please contact us at webinar@parkinsonsmovement.com

2 Replies

  • My internet connection is so slow by the time I'd have watched it you would have been having the nest Webinar.

    In fact My internet is so slow I could time it with a Barometer.

  • me too

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