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A big thank you to everyone who joined us for our first webinar last night. I hope the technical problems due to bandwidth (on election night in America it has to be said!) did not spoil your enjoyment.

For those that missed the broadcast: we will be uploading the videos to the Parkinson's Movement website ( by the weekend.

We will also be answering all the questions that were received before and during the broadcast. These too will be posted on Parkinson's Movement by the weekend.

The next webinar is entitled don't panic: issues for the newly diagnosed and will cover everything you wished you had heard at diagnosis and everything you wished you had not. The next webinar will be broadcast on 29th of November at 19:00 GMT. More details to follow.

For further information contact

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I had planned to watch this ever since the notice came out....I was so disappointed that when I got home, settled in on the couch with my husband only to realize the time???? GMT. Can you not put the time for all areas to make it easier for us. I live in the US, Illinois. Thanks, I just don't want to miss any more.


We will put the webinar on the website anyway but your point is a good one. Will do!


Unfortunately my IS is so slow you'd need a Barometer to time it.


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