Hi all :-)

Hope everyone is enjoying this sunday, seems strange to me not working on a sunday, my girlfriend is at work, home by 6.15pm. I had a job interview on thursday for a support workers job, should hear from them by end of next week / beginning of week after, fingers crossed.

No change on the PD front, still taking 8mg Ropinirole a day which at moment seems to be doing its job, still have a few "shaky hand" incidents which both frustrate me and make me burst out laughing at the same time......You should see me try to eat a bowl of cereal or soup!! lmao :-D

Anyway take care everyone, hugs and kisses :-)

Andy xx

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  • hi andy

    i am gladthe job or lack o fit at hte moment means yoyu have usndyays 0ff

    i have soup in a mug now co smy co ordination si poor and it goes all over the plac eotherwise

    how r your kids

    lol Jill

    amd keep on smiling


  • Hi Jill

    I`ve just posted a pic of me and my kids on here a few minutes ago, hope you like it

    Andy xx :-)

  • Andy, I hope your job interview went well and you have good news next week for the group.

    Good luck

  • Good luck with the job interviews Andy :)

  • Your a brave man keep up the fight in the jungle

  • I`ll keep everyone posted on how things go with the interview xx

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