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I was one of the first, if not the first, in Cornwall to receive LSVT on a one to one basis. This was in 2005, when I was 69 years of age. I would say to anyone who has the opportunity to receive this therapy, "Go for it." Seven years later, I am still feeling the benefit, and "THINK LOUD" flashes up in my brain when I am doing any public speaking and I see my husband giving me the necessary signals from the front row!!

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  • I was first intro to LOUD about 4 years ago and had bot seen it used Had not thought of it until I read you blog Think Loud works I'll remember it now LOUD

  • I hadn't realised how weak my voice had become until I started LSVT. Four weeks intensive work seven years ago has made all the difference.

  • I'm in the middle of the course and think it's fantastic. Already people are remarking on how much clearer and stronger I sound. Also good breathing.

  • Glad it is working for you. The intensity of the course can seem a bit wearing, but the end result is well worth it.

  • It is a commitment of time and effort but my instructor is fun and the class flies by. I will be glad to have my mornings back.

  • How does one find this speech therapy? I have all but lost my voice. ~~~Dennis

  • Where are you living? In the UK, you could contact Parkinsons UK and ask them, or ask your Parkinsons nurse. Hope you manage to find someone to help you......Beth

  • Thank you for your comment. LIve is US-- just moved from Nevada to Arizona. Seeking new doctors, neurologist, etc. I need the speech

    therapy. Had to retire because of Parkinson's which was effecting my

    voice to a soft tone. I need a strong voice that can go on for an hour

    teaching. ~~Dennis

  • Hi Dennis, I was very lucky in that this programme was provided free under the National Health Scheme (I am British).

    Why not try and see if Google can help you find an appropriate speech therapist.

    Another idea is to write to Michael J Fox. I share a saying an old lady gave me long ago - Shy boys get no cake!

    Good luck.

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