Moving Day

Let me rest my head on your shoulder

and listen to every heartbeat

feeling the seconds go by

wiping the tears from my eyes

I sigh,

too soon I'll be saying "Goodbye"

If I could spend every minute

safe, here in your arms,

I would move in today

take up residence in

your heart

and never spend another day

unhappy or unloved.

No disease,

surrounded by angry words,

and cryptic movements

can steal true love.

Hold me tighter,

the warmth of

your body next to mine,

warms my muscles,

and the shiver I feel ,

the electricity between us

lights up the corners

of my mind,

shaking loose the cobwebs

to find clear and joyful thoughts.

Let me rest my head on your shoulder.


10 Replies


    LOL jiLL


  • Thanks. Sometimes even the smallest thing, like that of resting your head on his shoulder, can keep you connected and invested.

  • Beautiful thoughts as always, Jupiter.


  • beautiful

  • beautiful

  • YOu have such a talent. THank you for sharing your beautiful gift.

  • Beautiful! Thank you.

  • As usual you write my thoughts so much more elegantly than I ever could.. Thank you for your bravery...

    Sometimes a little love is all I need

  • Wow I'm going to print that out and give to someone who use to love me thats how i felt with him

  • Beautiful Jane, as usual. You write so well, I really enjoy reading your posts.

    Hugs, Terri

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