Clearing a Public Restroom

I have discovered a way to clear a public restroom in a matter of mins. This could serve as a community service if the need ever arises.

As you stand in front of the women's restroom about tenth in line, you are told you may move forward because you are wiggling so much they think you really have to go.

Then as you enter the stall proceed to try to place a paper seat cover on the toilet The first three large, light weight papers wind up on the floor. The noise they made while you were fighting with them was very loud. It sounded like there were two people in the stall attacking each other. During this struggle the automatic toilet has flushed at least six or seven times..

OF course you have on the tight four button pants with a belt with tiny holes. By the time you finish you feel and look like you have been in a fight with an army. You are perspiring,your wig is on crooked, your buttons are not even and your belt isn't buckled.

As you approach the sinks you realize the same people that let you go ahead of them are still there and watching you. After rinsing off your hands you stand in front of the automatic paper dispenser on the wall with a sign that reads : WAVE YOUR HAND ONCE PAST THE FRONT OF THE MACHINE

The first wave comes easily. No paper come out. The frustration of no paper grows and the tremors become larger and more frequent. Before you know it you are doing a PD Voodooi dance in front of this box. Your wet hands sprinkle the people who have been watching you as they exit quickly with frightened looks on their faces.

This clearing of the restroom procedure is proven to be 100% reliable. IT has worked for me every time. . .

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  • If I'd been there I'd have helped you get the towels. Hubby's problem is getting his zipper down fast enough. His small motor control is bad and he tries to go before it is urgent.

  • Another delightful episode in "The Adventures of Koko and Parkie". You probably failed, at the time, to fully see the humor, but later, at the computer, it's hilarious.

  • Now THAT's funny! Keep up with the humor. No matter how dark, it helps keep us sane.

  • Gave me my best laugh of the day at 7am on a Sunday Morning.

    Keep that sense of humour it is so important to life.

    Kindest regards and thanks for bringing me a smile





  • Thanks for the morning chuckle! Loved it! I also understand the frustration you must have felt. Been there........not the same circumstance, but equally as bad to me. Years ago, when I was leaving an orthopedic dr's office I couldn't walk past 4 ladies that were sitting down waiting to see the dr. It took me forever to get to the door about 10 feet away and NO ONE asked me if I needed help. They just stared at me. I made it to the car before I had my crying fit. Never went to the dr alone again!

  • any doctor's office where the staff aren't friendly and helpful should be reported and avoided. sometimes we don't have a choice, but we can educate the docs by complaining :D if the staff is helpful, they will set an example for the other patients. Sometimes people ask me, cacn I help? Sometimes I have to ask ! Kids with headphones -- well, I won't get started!

  • I did that recently and my doctor thanked me saying he would not have known if I hadn't complained. The difference from that visit to the next was amaazing.

    Hugs, Terri

  • I just don't understand people today--young or old. I just couldn't stand there and watch someone struggle without offering to help. But clearly, as we have all witnessed, there are plenty of people who can. Although when I ask for help people are generally willing to assist me.

    Hugs, Terri

  • I love your story. I have been there with those damn paper towel dispensers. and the water facetts.

  • Thank you for the hilariuos morning wake-up. I lost my humor and sunny disposition earlier this week. Thank you for restoring it!

  • SO glad I could give you a laugh. Keep Smiling! I have found that when I get home after an embarraccing event I sit down and re-live it. IT all seems so comical when they are replayed. We have the upper hand on public see we know what is going on,,,,,they don/t :).

  • I totally get it :D and I don't even have tremor. But getting very dyskinsiac after 6 years on sinimet. thanks. you're a good writer

  • Loved it :-)

  • Thank u for your funny even it wasn't really my only problem has been NOT going in the handicap and finding i couldn't get off the pot i set there forever wondering if a stranger would help me. I finally got up but still have nightmare of wondering! !! Oh what would we do if we couldn't laugh

  • Ha, Ha been there done that. I wouldn't have to wait more than 15 minutes as my husband would send someone in to check on me. If I was having a problem he would come in and assist me. He has done that several times. :-) He is a wonderful caregiver! :-)

    Hugs, Terri

  • Three cheers for those loving, understanding hubbies! Those of is who have understanding caregivers who love us, are very blessed.

  • Indeed we are!

  • hear hear !!!

  • Very funny Koko. I can totally visualize it :-) :-)

  • Hi Koko :-)

    Thanks for the blog, it really made me laugh :-D

  • Koko you should write a book! I know the trembling is no fun (I was diagnosed with PD seven years ago), but you have obviously decided to treat those "special" moments with humor - and that is the only way to go! No pun intended. I fell in a London pub toilet cubicle and was stuck between the toilet and the door, Ugh. We won't go into the condition of the floor.My poor husband, standing outside with three cameras around his neck, heard me screaming for help and had no choice but to enter the Ladies and pry me loose. Imagine his embarrassment when he had to go for help! But we all ended up laughing our heads off enjoying a pint in the garden!

  • Reading your message made me recall when last year I fell in Tescos toilets.I just couldn't get round the door and fell almost face down into the toilet.

    Luckily I managed to get up but later on I noticed I'd lost my sun glasses.I thought the only place I could have lost them was in Tescos toilets.

    To my amazement they were still there behind the cistern!

  • ha ha - it is just so funny - but not .... i too am so lucky with my fred who comes with me into the loo - well he has too as i am in a WHEELCHAIR - in france the disabled loos are in the same place as the ordiinary ones - so he is used to going into the ladies !! he doesnt notice if the rest of the people are looking - and to be fair the french rae very kind and helpful usualy ....

  • It is 2am and I needed something to lighten my mood and you provided it, You make the situation come to life and we should all take a lesson from you when things go wrong. You made an embarrasing situation seem funny and that is a gift. Thanks.

  • YOu are welcome! glad you liked it. OUr power of thought can put any kind of light on things. Have a good evening. I know well the 'can't sleep'

    issue of Parkinson. I am up at those hours too.!

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