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Has anyone had a bad reaction to a medication?

I had a bad reaction to Amantadine 2 years ago. After submitting a question about dystonia, two people responded as to how much Amantadine helped them. Since my PD is worse since then, I am a little tempted to try it again, but also very leery about trying it again. Has anyone had a bad reaction to a med that they tried again at a later date?

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I've been on Amantadine for about 10 years or more and haven't had any problems, but we are all different. I took l-dopa for about a month and almost went crazy. I was thinking about trying it again, but just can't bring myself to do it, so I know what you're going through. Maybe it would help you to decide if you researched it for yourself. If you google it there is a lot of information about it. Blessings.


when i first took stavelo and mirapexin i felt very sick and passed out and id only had only drank two drinks some poople thought i was drunk my boyfriend put them right and said it was my tablets i take anti sickness but still feel sick sometimes. but i dont pass out now. i also had bad reaction to painkillers strong ones as i get terrible backache neck ache and at times headaches they have prescribed tramadol has anyone tried them and have gor some beta blockers nadalol to block headaches


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