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Parkinson's Movement Webinar - 31st October 7.00 pm GMT

I am writing to invite you to take part in the first of a series of webinars that is being run by Parkinson's Movement, an initiative of The Cure Parkinson's Trust. A trailer for the first webinar, called The Shaking Palsy - an introduction to Parkinson's, can be seen here

This webinar will explore how Parkinson's has changed since James Parkinson's essay The Shaking Palsy, written in 1817.

To take part, please visit:

To ask a question, please email:; beforehand, or during the webinar. If you have any problems, do email me on

About the Webinar Series:

Parkinson's Movement announces a series of 12 webinars on Parkinson's disease to be broadcast over the next 18 months. The webinar series will be wide ranging, from a historical introduction through to the latest prospects for a cure.

The webinars are suitable for people with Parkinson's wishing to learn more about condition, healthcare professionals and scientists interested in the wider picture.

Over the course of the 12 webinars, presentations will cover all aspects of the condition, from the direct day-to-day patient experience, via the patient physician interface, to the latest research avenues. The webinars will build up a detailed picture of our current knowledge of Parkinson's, its history, pathology, treatment and future.

The webinars are interactive and present an opportunity for patients, physicians and scientists to have their questions answered by the webinar presenters.

Forthcoming webinars:

Webinar 2: "Don't Panic: Issues for the Newly Diagnosed" to be broadcast on 29th November 2012

Webinar 3: "Taking Control: Self-Assessment and Disease Awareness" to be broadcast on 31st January 2013

Parkinson's Movement, an initiative of the Cure Parkinson's Trust, is a research focused, patient driven platform for patient education and development of "no barriers" interaction between scientists, patients and physicians in the fields of Parkinson's.

We do hope you will be able to join us.

Best wishes


The Parkinson’s Movement Webinar Series has been generously supported by The Wellcome Trust.

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The Winning Round,Florida Fights PD with Rock Steady,In

Over 28 boxers with Parkinson's Disease fight with passion to ensure a better quality of life. It works and they never give up. Simply Amazing!


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