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Weight loss

Since the middle of July I have lost nearly 40 pound, just under 20% of my weight. 238 to 198, with out dieting or exercise, I do eat a little less, no real appetite, no smell or taste. But I am on PD meds which usually cause the oposite. Requip3 mg 3 times a day, azilect once a day, and amantidin twice a day. I have had a lttle more energy, keeping busy anyway. Once I stop I just fall asleep, if I sit or lay I sleep, makes driving scary. At about 1 pound loss dr didn't seem concerned, but I just keep lossing. Has anyone else had this with these meds. Also I just feel weaker, not sleeping well so it could be that..

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That was an 18 pound loss didn't seem to bother drs.


hi i have PSP and los tover a stoen in weight b4 dxd

but i am not on anhy meds (none to take so no sid eeffects there!)

Lol jIll



Hi, I have been on medication for about 10 years. For about 8 of them I didn't lose any weight. Since then I have lost about 28 lbs and have had to replace all my trousers because they were too big! Energy levels are also down - but I don't exercise much due to osteo-arthritis. And I can fall asleep in a flash - although never when driving or watching sports!

It is a bit of a concern - I am aware that cancer can cause weight loss and I will probably check with my doctor in the next couple of weeks. But I have also increased the level of meds so that may have been the cause.

I would recommend checking the cancer situation with your doc - better to know asap.


I agree with this......I had weight loss, lack of energy.....I had cancer so better to get it checked out.



Good morning from Florida; I am sure this won't make you feel any better, but everyone in our support group has lost weight.

Best of Luck




Could be night night sleep apneea? It looks like.


I lost weight when I was still working and experienced fatigue. I was at 132. Once I stooped working I gained weight to around 150. Earlier this year when more symptoms progressed I lost weight. I was at 139 when I had DBS Surgery. I'm now back to 150 and doing aerobic exercises 3 days a week.


Every time I go to a medical appointment, I am a pound or two lighter. I eat whatever I want and usually have a normal appetite. I attribute my weight loss to the increased movement of tremors.


Tremors and dystonia as well as dyskinesia's all increase metabolism requiring calories, hence weight loss. I've lost 40 lbs in the last year. Unfortunately it is mainly muscle. The upside is that it is easier to control balance with less load.


I'm not upset with my 60 lb loss (224 - 164) -- it's less for my husband to pick up off the floor.

I eat less since I started taking iodine -- just not hungry. Trembling, correcting typos constantly uses calories.


I have been checked for cancer. It was negative. I just continue to loose weight I have loss 50 pounds in about 3 1.2 months. All the drs agree that my body stays in a constant state of exercise


Hi folks. There's something to add from my medical situation for several of you.

First, any of you who suspect cancer, don't leave it until your next Doctor's visit, GO NOW. I was in for tests for something else, and they found bowel cancer. I celebrated 25 years since my op last Friday. And what was experimental then is standard now - no bag, either.

This year, I lost 14% of my body weight in 3 months. I sat down for several hours with my dietician and we worked out a weight gain diet. With a few adjustments, it is now in place and working well. leave me a private message at the back of the site and I will mail it to you. Before you guys say you are ok with much less weight, let me tell you why you need at least 1 stone of "spare you" for emergencies. 25 years ago, I went into hosptal supposedly for 2 weeks. I weighed 12 stone 7. 3 months later, I came out of a different hospital 50 miles away weighing 9 stone. I had been transferred under blue lights on my 38th Birthday. They said quite bluntly that if I had started at 11 stone, I would not have survived the drop to 7 and a half stone. By all means, enjoy the weight loss, but be sure to have it under professional guidance and control.

Hoping this helps at least one of you.




Olpilot, my husband had been on the same meds for a while and his shaking became so pronounced that he lost nearly 100 pounds. He is a very tall man and always carried about 250 so he became very thin. That was the deciding factor that made him choose DBS. Now he does not shake at all, takes less Rx and has put all the weight back on. Mostly through ice cream, which seems to be his obsession of choice. He looks like his old self. He has had PD for nearly 20 years and the other symptoms are rearing their ugly heads, like Medusa, but without the shaking he functions with power tools again. Spends several short periods a day in his woodworking shop. Good luck to you.


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