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Is anyone experiencing any of the OCD behavior from Mirapex?


I did but switched to Requip and the OCD is 99% gone. It does take care of the OCD better but also wears off quicker than Mirapex, made me very sleepy in afternoons and the tremors were a little more noticeable but it's worth the side affects to me.

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My hubby has been taking Mirapex since 2007 with no problems but everyone is different. Glad you switched and the OCD is practically gone.

i had OCD behavior with both! and super horrible nausea also not much help with my PD symptoms (rigidity in left heel and leg).

I was on pramipexole when it was first approved and before it had the warning that it may cause compulsive/addictive behavior. I was a compulsive gambler within a month of starting the medication. I eventually lost everything - job, house, car, marriage and was homeless for almost six years. Once a neuro-psychiatrist at t he VA hospital weaned me off the pramipexole, I was free of my gambling addiction. Mirapex is a dangerous drug. Be careful.

it almost ruined my marriage! All I wanted was sex 24 hours a day, what a relief for both of us!

So true. My heart goes out to you. I too was compulsive gambler for years. We filed a lawsuit against the drug co, to make the them put a warning in the literature. We were successful, but still not all on a dopamine agonist are being made aware of these horrible drug side effects.

Get off and stay off Mirapex! I can only speak from experience. I lived alone then and

shopped and spent 50K and into BK. If you are inclined towards any compulsive behavior;

gambling, shopping, sexual, food, etc. DO NOT take mirapex.

This can be a very bad drug!

PatrickW in reply to MGirardi

agree 1000% Mirapex is a life killer!

Mirapex worked for awhile early after my diagnosis but I ran into the same thing PatrickW did.

I was on it for 6 months and racked up $30,000. Still paying off my little "side affect". Definitely stay off Mirapex!

PatrickW in reply to minicoopmom

over 5k here just since summer. still fight urge every day..

Is anyone interested in finding out if this can be taken further or do we just accept that we were or are being prescibed this drug with this common side effect.

I came across this article and it would appers that in USA they arent taking this lightly....

Despite no replies to my post above, if anyone does want details of a british legal executive who has previously been succsessful in winning a case for a fellow sufferer of this drugs side effect, please inbox me for further details.

minicoopmom in reply to jules3

I've actually tried contacting lawyers here in the states. No one wants to take the case, not big enough.

The link you provided in your 1st link was one of the lawyers I tried contacting.

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