Boxing and Parkinson's

My husband andi just had an amazing experience in Indianapolis, IN at Rock Steady Boxing. This organization is a non-profit organization devoted to helping those suffering with Parkinson's to have a better quality of life using boxing techniques. Ny husband was diagnosed 4 and 1/2 years ago and he has been enjoying what he calls "beating the bag". He has purchased 2 bags for our home gym and doing his own routine.

I was curious to find a relationship between boxing and PD and found information about Rock Steady through one of the discussions here on this site. Upon reaching out to them, I received information about a training camp they were doing. Last week was that camp.

The staff is amazing and demanding of the PD boxers. There are 4 levels of classes and we were able to guest coach two of the classes. There were 29 PD boxers in the first class (level 2) and the camaraderie, fitness and laughter was infectious. They were jumping rope, hitting the speed bag and heavy bag and chasing the rabbit in the boxing ring. This followed by push ups sit ups and stretching would out anyone through their paces. The testimonials from all level of PD clients was awe inspiring. Their quality of life had definitely improved.

I know that not everyone lives in Indy but there may be someone in your area that might be able to help you. We are located in Culver City and are finding ways to incorporate what we learned into Alan's routine. I am so motivated that I am looking for personal boxing lessons so that I know what I am doing an can help my husband and hopefully others.

This is not a commercial - just felt that you may want to check out two great resources: and

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  • The DelaytheDisease site is helpful but the Rocksteady is real estate ?!?! I don't get it.

  • Sorry. Posted the wrong website.

    Go to


  • OK thanks!

  • I was there, too. Just as I have been three times a week most weeks since April, 2007. Rock Steady Boxing was and continues to be a life-changing opportunity for me to fight back against Parkinson's. I am excited for other communities that will finally be able to take advantage of the 6+ years of groundbreaking learning achieved here, and the uncountable hours our incredible trainers toiled to quantify and thoroughly explain in writing this program. Best wishes to the first graduates and to those to come. We Parkies need you!

  • Beang - I am so glad that you are able to take advantage of this great program. I am hoping that we can expand this to others here in California. It was such an eye opener for us to experience. Alan met with his doc today at UCLA and sadly it seems like the medical profession has missed the boat on the quality of life. What's with that?

  • I know what you mean. RSB is innovative and not categorized or licensed as a medical procedure. It is not a "covered expense" for therapy under insurance. PD is so difficult to quantify that it makes the results difficult to quantify as well. Less worse can be a positive in this lifelong battle. What may appear to be a small gain may be a 100% improvement for the person working hard to maintain quality of life.

    I guess best case is lack of awareness, worst case is it is not something that the health care industry can sell.

    A Dr. told me once, "I never heard of a back surgery patient doing kick-boxing!" (which it is not) He has also said, "I guess you have justified your lifestyle."

  • Alan's doctor told him he was "lucky" with his symptoms and I believe his luck has been a large part in the exercise he has already been doing. We have started this week to apply what we learned last week and can't wait to see whether Alan improves his "luck".

  • I feel genuinely blessed in many ways. I hope to have the ability and courage to use those blessings as long as I possibly can. I am in a sleep quality improvement program that seems to be working, which I hope will have benefits overall. My neuro says it is "critical" to my therapy. Best wishes to you and Alan.

  • That is very interesting to hear. Oddly I feel that Alan sleeps more deeply now but doesn't need as many hours. This is a bit wearing on me as I am still on my 6 to 7 hour requirement. Did you notice this type of change or did you have an issue sleeping at all?

  • I was sleeping poorly because a) I slept poorly, b) I thought it was an unavoidable result of my PD, so I didn't worry about sleep habits, and c) I denied sleep because with PD slowness I couldn't get the things done I wanted to do in a reasonable time. Five hours was my over/under number. My neurologist said I was dangerously fatigued, which I did not realize, and that she could not effectively address any other issues until that condition was improved. I am now on a structured sleep training program and averaging 6.5+ hours of sleep while limited to 7 hours in bed. I think I might be able to sleep a little longer if/when given the chance. One of my favorite sayings, "I'll see it when I believe it.", plays out again. I am still taking 75mg trazodone at bedtime, but perhaps this will eventually be reduced or eliminated.

    I thought I slept deeply for 3-4 hours previously, and that may have been true as a result of sleep deprivation, but now I am no longer convinced that it was "adequate". The logic of justification leads to the desired conclusion but perhaps not to the optimal result. Sleep rests the mind as well as the body.

    Here is a web graphic that I enjoy:


    I guess if it doesn't work, I can always go back to my old, sleep-deprived existence!

    "After four Olympic Games, two summer and two winter in cycling and speed skating, respectively, I've witnessed countless performances that I consider amazing. You know what? Most of these amazing races do not involve winning medals."

    - Clara Hughes, the only athlete in history to win multiple medals in Winter and Summer Olympics

  • The Winning Round Foundation, Inc. AKA The Winning Round is a non profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for people who have Parkinson's Disease through non-contact boxing based fitness programs. "Every round is a winning round" for our boxers living with Parkinson's Disease and come out of their corners with a will to fight! Our program helps to build power, strength, agility, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Our programs have been proven to help lessen the symptoms associated with Parkinson's Disease. Most of all, we hope to help these individuals lead a happier, healthier, and more confident life!

  • I live in theL.A. area and and am curious if the Rock Steady program or anything similar is now aviailable in Los Angeles?

  • Djbk1111

    We have not found a program here in L.A. Alan and I participated in the training in Indy and have an affiliate contract and are looking for someone to facilitate for us. We are doing our own program based upon our learning. We'd be more than willing to share with you our learning and experiences to help you find some assistance and guidance.


  • Not sure if you are still interested. I know of a class starting in April in costa Mesa and we are in the midst of looking for a spot in or around WLA. Let me know if you are interested

  • Yes!!! I am very interested, Deb. I'd love to know more details, and I'd love to help out, if you want. I've been so apathetic and unmotivated re: exercise lately, and I think my symptmos are suffering as a result. I could really use something to jump-start my routine.

    btw, I've had DBS surgery -- would this be a problem? (It shouldn't be since it's non-contact, but I'm just checking.)



  • Dan - contact Anne Adams at 949-370-0607. She can give you information on the Costa Mesa option and I will let you know as soon as a Los Angeles option is available. It shouldn't be a contact sport - unless you hit yourself! :-)

  • Deb -- I just saw this; thanks! I'll contact her, and please do let me know if you're able to get something going in L.A. - and again, I'd be happy to help get things started, if you want.


  • Dan,

    We'd love your help with putting together classes in L.A. with your help we may actually be able to move ahead faster. I will let you know.


  • Great! Just let me know


  • oops. i wasn't finished . anyway, annealso gave me contact info for a trainer in l.a. who might be able to incorporate boxing into an exercise program. and a different trainer in l.a. spoke to our young onset group, and seemed interested, as well.

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