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Another Week on the Road

Another Week on the Road


Not much touring this week on the Bucket List tour. Lovely Lori has been suffering from a cold and toothache and I was nursing her a bit and catching up on learning more about my disease. I did meet John, a fellow PDer who had DBS this past summer. He looks good and feels good,a real testament to the procedure.

I also did some research about medical cannabis and posted a question about it on this site. I watched a few You Tube videos about the subject. Most people who try MC have good results. We all share a chronic, incurable disease. I wish the NIH or some other federal agency would study this more. It can't hurt to do studies.

John told me when we met that he has had some relief from acupuncture. This Wednesday, a local acupuncturist will be giving free treatments. I may just try it. I suppose there are those who would dismiss alternative treatments. I say, if they work, why not do it?


On October 27, Las Cruces will host its third annual zombie walk. It gives wannabee walking deads an opportunity to strut their stuff down Main Street. The dance team from the local high school will be doing their rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and there will be a zombie movie marathon that will end with the cult classic 'Night of the Living Dead. Lori and I plan to watch the parade. We'll let you know about what we saw next Sunday.


We had initially planned to stay in Las Cruces for a while but may move on on the 30th. We'll only be going west to the small town of Deming. There are some interesting state parks within a decent radius from Deming and since birding and nature have been my passions for half dozen years, we think it might be time to check it out.

At any rate, that's it from Jeff & Lori's Bucket List tour for this week. I am really happy so many people seem to be following out adventure.

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I am, so sorry to hear about Lori's cold and tooth ache. Feeling badly while traveling is no fun, to be sure. Birding and photography are our hobbies, so we envy you the opportunity and look forward to reading your next chapter. We must enjoy the beautiful world around us until a cure is found for this nasty "gift" and it sounds as if you are off to a good start. The "Walking Dead sounds interesting. We meet people with PD everywhere we travel and it is encouraging to see what CAN be seen with a lot of effort. Keep on truckin' hope Lori feels better.


Thanks Jenny. We are just taking it easy, watching TV. Lori has a doctor appointment this coming Tuesday. Hopefully sh'll feel better before then.


Sorry to hear Lori's not feeling well...A toothache combined with a cold sounds plain "misserable"....Hope she feels better soon.

The "zombie walk" along with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" .....The "perfect" Halloween celebration....Can't wait to hear about it!

Enjoying bird watching and photography, is to truely appreciate Nature's Beauty....There are so many people that overlook the "good stuff" in life.

Good luck with the acupuncture....I agree with you, it can't hurt to try it....Keep the posts coming, we so enjoy them!

'Till next time.....God Bless!



This is Jon from Las Cruces. It was nice meeting Jeff as you visit the different places Southern New Mexico offers. It is also Homeciming Week at New Mexico State with a parade this Saturday morning. The football game is Saturday evening at 6pm. Our football team plays La Tech and will be decided underdogs. Hopefully we can get together before you make your 60 mile trek to Deming. It sure is nice meeting up with Jeff from this site. Go Aggies!


Jon, thanks for the reply. I really enjoyed our meeting this past weekend. I also am looking forward to your presentation in El Paso on November 2. We definitely will try to be at the Highlands Regional Rehab Center on November 2.


Hope Lori is better can't wait to hear about zombie walk sounds like fun i bet i could do a little zombie too. Ha ha have fun


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