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I was wondering whether anyone has had any positive, or otherwise, experience when taking Sinemet Plus? I was taking Stalevo 100 4 times a day and Requip XL 8mg once a day but was recently given Sinemet Plus 25mg in addition. My sleep pattern was at the most 2 hours after going to bed and then usually a further, if lucky, 2 hours later. No sleep during the day. The Sinemet was supposed to alter this pattern. Guess what - it doesn't.

I crave a good night's sleep. Just once in a while. Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

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  • I believe a side effect of Sinemet is insomnia. I know it has troubled me for the past 15 years and seems to get worse as the years go by. I do have the luxury of being totally retired so I do take naps and sleep when I want to. I know people who swear by warm milk a half hour before they go to bed.I take enough pills now for heart problems, hypertension, coronary artery disease and PD so I don't want to add sleep medication into the mix.

  • My doctor and I spent years trying to help me sleep. What I finally came up with is a combo of 1 melatonin, 1 Tylenol PM, 1 Klonopin (for restless legs) and a B vitamin. I sleep soundly every night and a 1-2 nap in the afternoon. I'm retired so I can sleep when I want. Good luck - don't give up.

  • I take 5-HTP at night and it really helps me sleep, but I'm not on Sinemet. I don't know if you can take it with the drugs that you are taking. I usually get mine through my doctor from a company called Neuro Science. I have also bought it at a Health Food Store. It puts me right to sleep for usually 6-7 hours. Check with your pharmacist first. I hope this helps. Blessings.

  • I have been on ambien for years... 2-4 .5mg/ night. I can't sleep-function without it. Several Doc's have said it is better to sleep for it is the best time for neurotransmitter production though they would prefer to have sleep without it.

  • Maybe you need to back off some of your meds

  • Thanks for all the replies. Think Sinemet could be making my tremor worse. Will give it a few more days before contacting my Parkinsons Nurse. I am only on a relatively low dose of meds, so not sure reducing them would provide the answer. Another one for the Nurse.

  • A few days ago i watched a video presentation by a dr saying melatonin, I think it was on the parkinson foundation web site. I have been taking 4mg at bed and at least getting about 3 hours sleep which is much more then I was getting

  • hi sue

    i noticed hour postign itmes an d guesse d u wer ehaving probs with sleep

    my anxietyh means i cannot sleep thro th engiht bu t ha sbeen partly sorted with trazadoen a tnight ( ( was takign seroquel)

    bu t the latest problem as beeen my bladder and bowel control

    i ge tup about 4 itmes in teh ngith fo r a wee but hten the bowel starts acting and there is no point going bakc to bed as i shall only hav eto get up and "go"

    so i am up either i n middle of ngiht or at 4/5 am and

    cannot nap in the daytiem as i used ot (the Psp ha s made me v restless and unable to relax


    lol Jill

    sorry i cannot help and have just had a selfiish rant

    keep smilgin if possibel


  • Hi Jill

    You could never be selfish. You are an inspiration, always positive and with a helpful word for all of us. I always look forward to your feedback. I, too, can never nap during the day and never have been able to. Don't know what the answer is, if there is one.

    Take care. Hope the falls have lessened.



  • I read on many of the drugs used in PD that sleepiness can be a problem yet I can't say I have experienced it too often just occasionally when I have a cup of tea which does help.

    ( A cup of tea is good for everything) I sleep three hours maximum at night the rest is spent in reading, thinking, planning, nodding off, and waking. getting up and pacing.

    I often feel tired in the day but it never reaches sleep.

    PD is a queer complaint!

  • Make sure you don't have any sugar or caffeine after 3 p.m. (or earlier) Sugar is in many foods so read labels.......this helps or should I say doesn't contribute to the problem.......

  • Now this interesting and new to me. I will certainly give it a go. Thanks

  • Klonopin, melatonin & valerian with herbal tea maybe hqlf a sinenet CR with cracker. Sleep 5-7 hrs. Sometimes nod out or need a nap. I'm no good if I don't sleep.

  • Reading through the comments made me wonder whether Sinemet Plus was the correct med. I phoned my Nurse yesterday who confirmed that I should be taking Sinemet CR and to stop the Plus. It turns out that my GP surgery made a mistake when transcribing the instructions.

    Now I have to wait for the new prescription and hope it works better.

  • Tons of conversations about capturing fickle/elusive sleep can be accessed through the archives of this site. Simply type "Sleep" in the search window.

    Many tried and proven results listed last i searched!

    Steve in Bisbee, AZ

  • After over 11 yrs. of PD and dealing with a usual 3 hrs of sleep for a long time my Dr. & I tried all the usual things like Valium, Ambien, etc. without results. The present concoction that usually allows me 6 hrs. of sleep (with no napping) is 6 mg. of Melatonin, 1 Benadryl, 1 Clonazepam or I switch a Tylenol PM with the Benadryl if I have pain. Am also taking Comtan and 25/100 Sinemet every 2 1/2 hrs. Good luck - it does take some experimenting!

  • Thanks to everyone for their comments. Unfortunately, some of the best results are with drugs that we do not always have in the UK. I will continue experimenting and maybe one night I will sleep all night. Some chance!! I am trying kiwi fruit at the moment - almost as a last resort, so will see how it goes.

  • I was on the 2 hour sleep routine until I found medical marijuana. One half of a chocolate chip cookie at bedtime and I'm out for about five hours.

  • I am in the levodopa carbidopa intestinel gel (LCIG) study. At night when I take the LCIG pump off, and rely on pill form medication through the night. I was taking requip and 3 hours later the requip would peak, I would wake up!

    My Doctor recently took me off requip. I now take ER sinement before going to bed. I sleep 6-8 hours every night. I have not slept this well in years!

  • it's good to know that other people on this web site have the same problem. Last night I probably slept for 1 hour ,2 at the most. although I feel tired now I probably won't sleep until tonight and then if I go to sleep at say 11 o;clock I will wake up at 1 o;clock and then go back to sleep for 2 more hours and so it goes on! My husband sleeps like a log while I toss and turn all night! I've always been a light sleeper and just get used to not sleeping.

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