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It's a great Sunday in New Mexico, USA

It's a great Sunday in New Mexico, USA

The Jeff and Lori Bucket List Tour of America continues this sunny crisp Sunday in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Last month we began a journey across America that will take us to places I've traveled to before and wanted to spend more time seeing, or national parks I've always wanted to visit but never had the chance.

We've been here since October 1 and may stay until spring. We are living in a comfortable motel, paying by the week and getting an extra week free if we pay for three in a row. There are many cultural and historical attractions within a 50 mile radius of where Las Cruces and we have plans to see most of the unusual ones.

I want to take a walk at the White Sands National Monument Park at night and look at the stars without being visually hampered by city lights. I want to see the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum. It's right here in Las Cruces and the entry fee is dirt cheap.

As a birder and pantheist, I love all of nature and within 10 minutes of here is New Mexico's newest state park - Mesilla State Park. Lori saw her first road runner there last week. Every morning, we wake up to the songs of birds we have never seen before. The state has about 35 state parks and a good number of them aren't far from here. I want to see Rock Hound State Park and Elephant Butte.

The best thing about the bucket list tour is this - although my physical and mental activities have picked up, my Parkinson's disease symptoms have gotten better. I really didn't give any thought to the possibility my PD would prevent me from doing this, so the realization that my symptoms are improving took a while to set in.

The biggest improvement is in the area of pain. My back pain went from a daily maximum of 9 to less than 4 in intensity. My shoulder pain still is pretty exquisite many times a day, but not as many as before we started this trip. Tremors haven't abated but they aren't bad. I have had some balance problems that I attribute to wantesing to do more than I should and getting a little tired during prolonged walks.

Well, that's the latest from The Jeff and Lori Bucket List Tour of America. More next Sunday.

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good stuff jeffa nd lori

i think u r both doing the right thing by going on this big trip!

i live in England and am restricitng myself to trips within England Scotland and Wa;les

but i should love togo where the weather is warm for a few days in the winter ie SPAIN

the probelm si i am often ill when i am away and it si easie rto be back home in a few hours when that is hte case

lol Jill



Really enjoyed hearing about your trip. Keep updates coming please.


Will do Jenny :)


Reading your post makes me realize that..." it ain't over, till it's over!".....I love your positive attitude!

On the chance of being redundant....."You are truely an inspiration!".....Keep those posts coming..

I Look forward to them!

Best of Life, to you and Lori!



Thanks CJ and you all. I plan on catching up every Sunday morning about our weekly activities. :)


Absolutely loved every entry. So happy you are having a great time! Glad to hear you seem to be in less pain as well!!!! Enjoy your trip with your beautiful wife.


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