The trip of a lifetime becomes

Well, the trip of a life time ie the trip I took to Bali this past July, is now about to become the second trip of a life time!! I am going back to Bali in Februay 2013 and depending on various factors, I may be there for 10 days verus just 7. This time I will not take my daughter but I will have someone to travel with. So I will remember to blog about that trip too.

Also an update on my son is in order. I am going to insist that he go to rehab soon!!!

More on him later.

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  • Great news Sadie! Have fun. There are so many things left that I haven't seen in my own country, I think I will finish this bucket list off first before going international. But my foreign wish list includes Vietnam, Jerusalem, Central America, Great Britain and France.

  • I want to go back to Spain, and then I would love to go to the British Isles, including Great Britian, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I really don't have alot of desire to go to France except maybe to see the beach at Normandy. ANd I would love to go to Jerusalem also!!

  • Good for you!

  • That's fantastic!!! So happy you are able to go there again. Don't forget to keep notes so you can tell us all about it when you return. I so much enjoyed reading about your first trip.

  • Will do!! I think I will keep a journal on this trip. I didn't last trip but I don't want to forget anything because this really may be my last trip there.

  • hi sadie

    yeah1 good on you for going to BALI agian

    plz remembe rif u DO come to

    engladn there r folsk on thsi site who woudl love to meet up with you !!

    lol jilll


  • Thanks, I would really like to meet all my PWP buddies on the other side of the Big Pond too!!!!

  • That's wonderful, I enjoyed reading about your last trip. Have a great time. :-)

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