Hi Everyone I`m still here!!! :-)

Hi All :-)

I hope you are all doing ok :-)

Sorry I`ve not been on for a while...just thought I`d update you all as to whats been going on

Yes I`ve been busy with work, still gettin plenty of hours in and still going well........busy busy busy!!

My relationship with my new lady is going from strength to strength.....she has asked me to move in with her and I said yes!!! It seems the practical thing to do being as I`m not spending as much time in my flat, what with working all the hours I do ( sleep ins etc ) and spending more and more time at her house.......I am moving out as of November 1st...Its very exciting!!! She is a lovely woman in every respect :-) plus I`ve become best friends with her dog Tango ( a Jack Russell cross ) when I`m around he follows me everywhere....he even sleeps with us under the covers! Hes more human than dog!! lol :-)

And for those of you who know, my financial situation is more stableised now...there is light at the end of the tunnel.....albeit a very very long one!

Thanks for your concern, I`ve missed blogging but I will hopefully be able to blog this weekend :-)

Love to you all <3 :-)

Andy xx

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  • You would have thought the Queen was missing dude. Better call the Yard and let them know you are not missing or kidnapped.

    Wonderful news for you, that is just great. Funny how life takes on these funny little rides. Gives you PD but just when you least expect it, sunshine and love walk round the corner. Makes things seem a little brighter. I feel your smiles.


  • hi andy

    so glad u r good and tyour life is on the up

    ;ong may it contineu

    lol Jill


  • That is awesome ,Andy! I am glad for your happiness :)

  • Andy, I'm so glad to read about your "happiness" ............ Congrats! :o)

  • congratulations.. life's being kind to you.

  • Andy, I'm so very happy that life is treating you so well! You certainly deserve it. Congrats on your new love and living situation. :-) :-)

    Hugs, Terri

  • In this game of iife where so many are dealt 2s and 3s, it is nice to hear of someone who has been dealt Aces &Kings. Best wishes for continued good luck.

  • So happy for you Andy :) We all want and need the greatest happiness in life to love and be loved!! Much happiness to you and your lady!

    Thanks for letting us know your ok,we were worried.

  • so pleased for you andy - you deserve all the luck and love you are now getting

    xxxx oooo sha

  • So happy for you, Andy. Best wishes

  • May you have many romantic candlelight dinners!

  • So happy things are working out for you both in your professional and private lives!!!! Please keep in tuoch!!

    And tell your new lady friend that SadieSadie said you are a "keeper!!" (that is what my Dad said to me about the man I married lo these many years ago)

  • I'm so encouraged! Carry on, Andy! Never giveup, I always say.

  • About time life was kind I wish you all the very best that life can give

  • Made up for you. Grab life with both hands. As always you have made me smile.

  • So happy for you, Andy!

  • Good man Andy. I wish you and your lady all the best.

  • ....and the dog.

  • I am recently still here. With wife, two horses, four cats and one Rat Terrier Dog. Our Staffordshire Terrier of ten years recently passed and we cried our eyes out. Buried him in the back yard in a lovely spot. I avoid the spot lest I cry all over again.

  • RoyProp, so sorry about your dog. I have been there.....very painful. I'm sure he had a wonderful life.

  • Andyc, I am so happy for you!

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