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I just got the results of my 23andme genetic test, it was free and worth every cent! I learned a lot about myself and my background. I also learned about mt PD. My neuro said I didn't "present in the usual way". I guess I didn't have the normal problems, one is I don't have visible tremors (neither do about 30% of pwp). I did however have a lot of problems with balance and gait, shuffling and tripping and falling. Seems that I have a genetic mutation in the LRRK2 gene or region. It is the G2019S mutation, which can cause postural insability and gait problems. It also appears to be inheritied or at least family related. My mothers dad had PD, the other thing I found out was that my risk of alzhimers is much higher than normal, my fathers mother had alzhimers. This is a very worth while test, if you have a diagnosis of PD the test is free, also because of the paticular mutation I have, the G2019S mutation makes the test free to my entire family for researce interest. I learned a lot more but I found this the most important to me and my family.

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Good for You I also took it and highly recomend this, I also follow up on a regular basis for updates

Have A GREAT day



I too participated and found it very worthwhile and informative :)


One of the best things I have ever done. Mind you I am still sifting thriugh the information!!


Same story here with the mutations, i got the LRRK2 snafu and another one as well. 23andMe profile said I had a 87.9% probability of getting PD like my dad. But he was was diagnosed at age 80, I at 57. That actually made me feel better, like I was born to get it, it's not my fault for sitting too close to the TV or something.

I am participating in a study. The project wants to examine and prepare full genetics workups on my family. My daughters (19 and 22) are willing on principle to join in but they are not sure they want to know about health risks they can do nothing about.

I am at elevated risk for Old-Timers Disease AND it's almost 50/50 for macular degeneration...did I want to know that part?

Bye. I don't post much these days but I LRRK, LOL.


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