Hi all

it i s the weekend and it is not the same iwthout Andy

what r you all doing?

I sha;; NOT be at teh final of the Rjughy league as SAINTS r not in it..

bea tby the warrrington lto last weekend

andwilll eb ibe supportign Leeds (from the wrogn par tof Yorkshire? } The bette rteam will win

Tomorrow is a day of rest for em i hope

Lat er today i will eb going to see my friend who is still in hospital aftwer 12 long weeks and bope she willeb hoem mid next week

lol Jill


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  • i shall be watching the match on tele -- i will also support leeds #

    love to you xxxxx

  • I am not a Sports fan at all.

    Today I am finishing off a clock case I have just made decorated in Chinoiserie hopefully get the workroom tidy (once more) then I can get back to my painting projects.

    A foggy start here on the Yorkshire moors, but I detect some sunshine

    Must go Peg out now (hang out the washing, not croak!)

    Happy Sunday to all

    PS. no offence to our dear American friends but it is nice to see some British folks on line again.

  • I'm British too. In fact I'm a fellow oldtyke. Originally from Rotherham..

  • hi

    Leeds won again and were the better team!

    lovely start to the dya again her ein lancahsire too

    lol JILL


  • I think Andy is busy with his new love and his children. While we miss him I shall think about the happiness he's found. Love is wonderful. :-) :-)

    Hugs, Terri

  • Love is wonderful :)

  • ye s i guess so

    lol jill]

    and hugs zxx

  • Hi Jill

    I also think Andy is busy with his new love and his new job is very demanding, also his children.

    I am sure he will not desert us and will be back posting again soon. Just glad things are looking up for him at the moment.

    Someone on PD Junction asked about you the other day. Have not seen anything on that site from you recently. Apparently this person lives quite near to you and messaged you when you first joined.

    Hope the home improvements are nearly completed. Take care.



  • hi sue

    yes the home improvements r done!!

    until the spring anyway

    lol Jill

    JHUGs and xxxx

    the PD JUNCTION SIT E is strange!

  • Hi Jill

    It takes a bit of getting used to, I must admit/ I like to be able to chat to people, a bit like Facebook and I have met some very nice people. Take your time and stick with it. There are a few people off this site on it. Hope it grows on you.



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