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Does anyone have steppage gait?

I just returned from 3 days at Barrows Neuro, Mohamed Ali Research center in Phoenix. I was reviewed for DBS. I surprised the Doc during the on-off testing showing very little rigidity, tremor and no freezing. When asked what my walking issue was I demonstrated foot drop and high knee for swing phase on the right, steppage gait. This is occurring almost everyday and is my off state... usually.

She responded saying that it is not a typical PD gait pattern. Does anyone else have this problem? Has DBS changed it?

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I have what my neurologist called, 'Peacock Gait', which sounds similar. My right leg raises up in the air and swings across the left leg and sometimes the left leg follows suit, both of which makes walking very difficult. I haven't had DBS and the movements seem to be linked to L-dopa ie they occur when I take the medication, although they have happened occasionally before I've taken my medication. It's a complete pain in the ass as it means I can only go out without having taken medication, which of course brings its own set of problems!


I've had the DBS surgery in July, but still adjusting, so still having intermittent down time. I used to have a step that I described as "Harry the Horse". It felt like my leg was lifting itself to step, but there was a sort of hesitation and swing forward from the knee that drove me crazy! Since the adjustments began it has been improving, I can feel I need another adjustment because right now I'm just sort of dragging my foot. Hopefully, the next adjustment will have a positive affect on that. (dropped Requip, and 2 sinemet doses, and 1/2ed anxiety meds since surgery)



on meds my left leg will lift way up, but when wearing off I'm dragging it around like Igor in the Frankenstein movies. The dystonia in my inner thighs is getting more and more unbearable and sometimes knee pain wakes me up.


i used to have it they called it shuffling gait but one morning i woke up and it felt like somebody hit me in the upper left thiegh with a sledge hammer that was 2 and a half years ago and thats when the nightmare started but the shuffling gate was gone


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