Alcohol and effects on Parkinsons

Further to Shasha's recent question on the effects of alcohol, I was wondering whether there has been any research into the possibility that alcohol could accelerate the progression of Parkinsons? A lot of people seem to find that they are not able to tolerate alcohol like they used to. I do not over indulge, but have not found any difference in my reaction to alcohol. We are all different, I know, and on different types of meds. Maybe it is the meds that cause different reactions. Who knows? I will continue to have the odd tipple until I am told differently.

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  • I often wonder if I should take to drink. I have never been a drinker, so am not one who can tolerate alchohol much anyway. However, I was always of the opinion that a little of what you fancy does you good.

  • I agree with you Oldtyke,a little of what you fancy does you good! I am not a drinker myself,but every once in a while I will have a few and it helps me sleep.Like everything else in life,moderation is key.If you over indulge you will suffer the consequences!So instead of 6 drinks maybe only have 3!!!!! :)

  • I found it had no effect, but I do believe you should ask the DR My Nero said it was fine.

    Have a GREAT day



  • Hi, I was DX'd in May at 45 years and for a while I have found that I cant tolerate alcohol at all.

    Phil B

  • I find no difference when I have a drink, Not that I drink that often. But I guess it's different strokes for different folks.

  • I only drink on high days and holidays, I have noticed that after 2/3 pints my hands and especially my fingers really stiffen to the point that I find it painful to hold a glass. I also start to lose co-ordination if I do more than 1 thing at a time, so I have to be very weary what I drink and I never go out for a couple on my own anymore, just in case.

  • My neuro encouraged me to enjoy ! But I was already sober 5 years at that point and knew I couldn't handle it. Who knows what will make the damned PD progress? For me it's been surgery with general anesthesia. No accidents! Avoid stress. Haha!

  • Red grapes or juice would be better than red wine...sugar is the enemy! I drink a little now and then..maximum .2 glasses...i think intolerance may be more age related..not pd!

  • I really am not a big drinker. Just the occasional glass of wine. I do drink cranberry juice and am just trying prune juice, which is quite pleasant. I don't actually notice that I have an intolerance to alcohol, but I know that quite a few people do. My motto is everything in moderation. Now I sound like a goody goody!!

  • Annie, I can tell you're not a drinker - it's not difficult to cut down from 6 drinks to 3: most of us would be lucky to be able to pay for 3. Thanks for the thought though.

  • Sue, we all know how good you are.

  • Not sure how to take that comment!! Being good tonight though as I have a 4 year old and a 12 week old staying overnight. This is the first time we have had our grandson for the night, so as I am usually awake and up during the night he will be company for me.

  • I was one to go out on a Friday night, shoot pool, and have at least 6 drinks. I was diagnosed three yrs, ago. Slowly, life just became too difficult to slow myself down with a :heavy head", I had DBS surgery July 5th, and I have no desire. Unfortunately, my taste buds don't enjoy it. I do miss the silliness, friends, music, etc. But I can walk, talk, hug, and all the more importsnt things.

  • Court

    I think the answer is no to the question on research showing alcohol accelerates PD because there has been alot of research that shows that drinking alcohol means you are less likely to get PD. Drinking and smoking are neuroprotective so what else i wonder......!

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