Can this happen really

I just moved to amarillo texas from clovis new mexico went to walgreens to get my requip xl transfered and the pharmachy in clovis wouldn't transfer it. He said he would lose to much money. Can they do that? This will be my third day without pills. I called doc and had a new scrip sent to walgreens but chanels move slow as of tuesday night no pills.

Really can he do that these are my life line these pills

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  • Was the store part of a chain, if so there should have been no problem, if not I still think it was more lazy on their part then cost.

    Best of luck


  • I'd complain to Walgreen's corporate office. Their loss is NOT your problem.

  • What if you were to order it through Walgreen's Online Pharmacy? Scan and refill it! Free shipping to all 50 states.

  • Ah thankgoodness for social medicine. Really am sorry to read this, it is shocking and dangerous for you to stop meds abruptly. Hope you have it sorted quickly.

  • Finally got meds a friend in clovis went and picked it up then drove to amarillo. No they were not a chain store. I have all my meds now again at one place. Sure did feel better after i got a requip down me.

  • Since it was not a chain drug store in Clovis, I'd contact your State Health Department. I don't think they can refuse to transfer a prescription for you. Your health is more important than their profit margin.

  • Thank u that gives me a place to start. Feel really bad today know its from not having my meds

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