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The Written Word

The Written Word

It's been a while sine I put pen to paper

To express how I feel and share that little part of me

To tell you about the good days and the not so too

To recall those times and be thankful for a rock

A metaphor maybe but a rock for sure

Once it was a way to hide from a past that hadn’t passed

Uninvited they appeared from time to time

Unforgotten, there was no little box

There was no escape or place to seemingly hide

They would come and go, as they saw fit

More often in dark places or when I slept at night

Shadows to remind of all you wanted to forget

Memories dressed as nightmares or is it vivid dreams

But yet why can’t I recall what I want to?

I don't scribe much now for the ink it can't be read

More often found on the bottom of my hand,

Than left untouched on its paper intended

Apart from the poor grammar I know just what you’re thinking,

Why not simply try a quick drying pen?

As I hope you would expect and credit me some

But believe it or not I have tried those before

Yes my hand remains clean, so it good new there

But oh crap my handwriting is still exactly that

Where to from here, Urm I'm just waffling on

We’re certainly not finished, as I actually have something to say

It’s on the tip of my tongue you wait and see

And not unlike walking from A to B

It can sometime take a while to reach that point

For now it's the keyboard I want to talk about

A best friend, well closer than the pen it would seem to me

We’ve been together many years now,

More than I care to remember or can, come to think of it

Over this time I've watched as your shape changed,

And you gained a few keys,

But you have always been perfectly QWERTY and waiting for me

You responded to my every touch as my fingers gently pressed your buttons beneath.

Yes Its true I found them more often than not, and knew exactly just when to stop

Touch typing well perhaps not but as a guy I was pretty hot

With a dot it would end and a comma we would pause

No more space was needed it was just about right

Unless instructed by the touch of a finger,

You didn’t go back on what I had said

Pushed firmly, but just hard enough I knew exactly just when to stop

I would touch your back button and you would do exactly that

Sorry let me rephrase as not to confuse

I realise I’m talking crap again, and don’t want to dribble

But its important to me to that I make myself clear

I was referring to the backspace or delete button you see

Which when touched, would take away the last letter we added

Now it has changed, how it has changed

I want to blame you and say, you no longer respond

But I know it’s not true, it’s me that’s to blame

For you see I have a problem or so I have been told

My fingers are sometime stiff and my hands no longer glide

Instead I stare at your QWERTY until my body decides,

That it knows just what to do and which button is intended to meet this digit of mine

Straight forward you would think but gone is the stop

You know the one I used to know.

Instead I can be clumsy and clunky

And often miss the intended key

Or even press it several times you see

So now I have a new best friend and it’s coming back to me

Delete, backspace or just plain old back

What ever you call it I hope your button works as Intended

I’m on a role, dipping in and out there are so many places I could go

Buttons that work or sadly don’t we could continue with Dysfunction

But no wait, I’m not up for that now!

So In true British fashion, moving quickly on and staying with communication

I thought about speech to text and how that might help

Now the pen is so 80’s and the keyboard should be so 90’s

Sat there and ready to go a voice says tell me, just what you would like me to write.

I have played with them and tried them

Downloaded them and deleted them

Even got very heated with them

For their part they have teased me

And certainly failed to please me

Accents and dialects I’m told they’re getting better

But throw in a stutter and the occasional slur

Mix in a mumble and its outcome isn’t very humble

With a screen full of crap it seems we’ve gone full circle

And you’ll soon be reaching for that back button again.

This could go on for some time so best revisit when I can share a few thoughts, until then i hope you can find a smile and hope people can help support us also.

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LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.



Thanks Chrsi glad you liked it :)


Thank you...... I truely hope that your "back button" never gets "stuck!" (This is my way of saying that you expressed your fight with PD quite "elequently.")

You have Parkinsons but.........."It doesn't have you!"


"We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken.

We are perplexed, but we don't give up and quit."

( 2 Corinthians 4:8 ) NLT


Nice to click :) and thank you.


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