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Message to Mr "Nohelpatall"

Dear Mr Want2help, with respect you are very especially unhelpful. We can all remain open minded and free thinking we would be dumb not to. After all some of the greatest discoveries of mankind were unexpected and left field. However you have missed one crucial point in all of this. You cannot mess with people who have a chronic degenerative condition meaning, it is wrong to suggest to anyone that a solution exists as tenuous as you propose. I am vulnerable, yes I am, emotional, in pain. My life once fell apart, I lost everything, my home, my job, my car, my life. For 4 years I didn't earn a dime and for 3 years I didn't eat. Somedays I struggle to walk, other days I can wet myself. I can be insecure, have low esteem and be confused. If you truly 'Want2help' don't toy with me, don't tell me things you don't know to be true. This is serious. Deadly. If your Dad has PD he will need a son, not some kinda Magician with rabbits and hats.



Oh and P.S. guys don't be concerned I am 100% good and kicking ass today! Drums are calling me! x

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Nice one



Way to go C! Tonyxx


Good to see the fight in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Beat the snot out of that drum!


It is not just 'wrong' (as H-H politely states above) to suggest that PD is all in the mind of the PWP and that their thoughts manifested the PD it is UNCONSCIONABLE.

It is not just 'wrong' to offer 'complimentary trials' informing PWP to stop taking medication / treatment protocol ordered by certified accredited Medical Professionals / experts with decades of experience and proven scientific facts supporting the benefit thereof it is DANGEROUS AND POTENTIALLY HARMFUL IF NOT FATAL.

The legal obligations bit gets avoided via a semantic loop hole.

The 'help' offered DOES NOT claim to diagnose or treat and therefore MAY NOT be of any benefit what so ever.

Simply put, this said 'help' is NOT being made against a background of professional standards and accountability.


I hope HealthUnlocked has scoured all of their Online Communities to fetter out any other blogs of similar origin.

I hope NHS, the CARE QUALITY COMMISSION, and other PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS are made aware of this 'help' these 'complimentary trials' being offered in the UK from what seems to be a USA based company.

Be well.

Carry on strong.


hi i agree with all o fhte above

(lat ein the day as teh post has now been removed?)

lol JIll



Brava! This is the kind of response that quack deserves! There is another post today endorsing the method, and I hope that it will be banned quickly as well. My hope comes from a good relationship with my Neurologist/Movement Specialist, my Psychiatrist, and myself, working together to manage medications and symptoms medically and behaviorally. I am learning to respond to changes in my body and take nothing for granted. Each PWP is on an individual journey, IMO, and I respect the courage each one exhibits, even if it is the courage to state horrible truths and experiences. Our paths may never intersect, but I stand, somewhat shakily and with the aid of a cane, among brave souls. Thank you for letting me share in this community.


Hear, hear! Mind, body, spirit--we're in it to win it! I had a horrible weekend, relatively speaking. My ab pain prevented me from visiting my son and no one called me on Sunday :( So that post got on my last nerve! Stress! huh. Everyone in New York City would have PD if that were the cause! We eat stress for breakfast :D I feel better today, but there's a buzzsaw going in my back alley out my window I'd gladly throw a giant water balloon on!

Carry on, pwp's , love you


Oh please everybody! What exactly did Want2Help do that is so terrible other than offering another point of view? What is there to be so offended about? It seems to me some people on this site really enjoy this forum for expounding their own beliefs and would rather have the last word. if you don't agree with what somebody wrote, move on.

I think we can all agree that stress is a killer. W2H was just proposing (albeit unscientifically), that this may be a factor in bringing on PD. Or not.

I do think that we all should know by now that having PD is not our FAULT, no matter how much stress we may have in our lives. We are not to blame for this awful illness. Period.


Kindest regards,



Exactly. He has never said it's all in the mind, I know perfectly well that my disease isn't all in my mind, but stress and trauma are a huge contribiting factor to many diseases. He never promised a cure, just another way of looking at things.


Well put, Trixiedee!



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