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Other symptoms, Neuro saying not Parkinson's... slightly high blood tests. ANY INPUT?!

Ok, help... I thought I had a flare up the last month or so. I was dx w/ park last July. Lately I had been extremely fatigued (again), extremely weak (more like really limp type limbs), shaking more all over - less like tremors, constipation, what i think threw the neuro off most is rash - which I thought was from a new med, she doesn't think so. Light headed/dizzy... just really feeling like not moving most days, like I'm living in a constant fog. Neuro is leaning more towards auto immune... did labs the other day now just waiting.

My reg labs are a little off though from my other doc.

Following are slightly on high side but not a lot but still in the high column:



Hematocrit, Hemoglobin

ALMOST in high is my RBC..

LOW is my Vitamin D.

Anyone have similar or thoughts? I'm miserable, didn't understand how not related to PD, and worried...

Thanks! :)

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Could be a bad parathyroid gland or Hashimotos Disease. Could also be Parkinson's, this sneaky little disease has so many, many symptoms!


Get your doctor to also test you for vitamin B12 deficiency. Sometimes called Pernicious anaemia, it is an autoimmune condition that can make you fee very tired. It develops very slowly and can mimic PD and other conditions too. It also causes neurological symptoms in the long termIf you have been taking multivitamin tablets of any kind, you need to stop them for a week or two because otherwise you might get wrong results. It is worth getting this done, even if it is one more thing you don't have to rule out.

You didn't say what you meds are. Is what you are experiencing now side-effects of the meds? Are you responsive to them in other respects?


Our GP has told us that Parkinson causes low blood pressure . But under the circumstance STRESS which is Parkinsons biggest enemy will bring your Blood pressure up . Chicken/ egg !

I know you musn't think Parkinsons is the cause of everything , it has many many symptons .

Not everybody has the same obviously .

My husband has had the vit B test but his was ok , must mention the Vit D at our next GP or consultant visit .

My husband seems to have to lot . Rigidity , slowness , balance , coordinaltion , tiredness , switching off in the middle of a conversation . Oh I could go on and On . FORGOT TO MENTION !DEPRESSION" LOL well who wouldn't be

We both pretend we are ok as I am sure most of you do .. It's the very best way to be .


Sorry to go on , When yo say dizzy giddy . Do you mean in your head or is it your body balance an unsafe feeling .


High counts of Iron, Billirubin, Hematocrit, and Hemoglobin ...

What ever is occurring your liver is working over time trying to protect your body from neurotoxicity.

While waiting for your other test results ... stay hydrated. Flush out the toxins in your liver/kidneys.

Autoimmune disorders often cross over with neuro degenerative disorders. Much in common.

You stated the RASH threw your doctor off - where was the rash?

SLE is the snap go to Dx when multiple symptoms with rash occur ... multiple blood tests would reveal if it is SLE or other lupus like disease.

Do not worry it will be sorted. Your doctors are on it.

Be well.

Carry on strong.


Ask to check "Ferritin" level. Eat only organic foods. Get rid of any gluten in your diet.


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