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Love Story

Love Story

We were in our 40's when our "love story" began.

She was dancy and querky, full of smiles and giggles.

Button-up shirts were her favorite so she could pop the collar,

or wear a fancy little tie with them.

Boots and shoes that tied is mostly what she wore.

She taught me how to 2-step and though I never really learned,

she still took pride in holding me close, not laughing at my awkwardness.

The love we found in each other was not hard to see.

Everywhere we went, our hands would find each other.

Even at night time our hands would always find a way to each other under the covers.

She never failed to shock me in the charity shows we did every weekend.

Full of energy and uniqueness, her characters were always on spot.

From "ELLEN" to the Mermaid to the old lady and the staggering drunk.....

Her roles were always done with perfect class!

Now we are in our 50's. Our love story continues.

Her dancing has turned into shaking. Her smiles and giggles to pain.

Button-up shirts are no longer, for she can no longer button.

Shoes that tie are slip-ons now, for she can no longer tie them.

A "sadness" now surrounds her as she shuffles out of bed.

But the beauty that I see in her is brighter now than ever.

Our hands still find each other, sometimes more now than back then.

The fight remains within her, despite this disease she has.

But as I like to tell her......"You have the disease but it doesn't have you".

Circumstances happen, life happens, age happens......but love that is REALLY love.

Never Changes.

I love you Lisa. forever.

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Thank you !


The gift of Love has no bounderies




You are correct it doesnt !


Love is the best...when you find it and keep it you are truly blessed.

Hugs, Terri


It is true is it not that love is never having to say you are sorry. Thanks for the beautiful post. Tony xx



a lovely blog

lol JIll



Bajolly60, What a wonderful tribute to your love. Lisa is truly blessed to have you love her so and to be there for her in this disease. It's not pretty, but yet you find the beauty with in her, that hasn't changed, only the physical has changed.

I too had a love like that, I met him when I was 49 and he was 57, we had such a wonderful life. We both had come out of bad marriages and neither of us was looking for a relationship, it was just in God's plan. He treated me like a princess, and called me Precious, but unlike you I no longer have my love here on earth with me. I miss him everyday and often wonder why I have to go on alone and suffer with this horrible disease. Some times life just isn't fair!!

God Bless you and Lisa

May you enjoy many more years together.

Now I give hugs, every time I write something...the reason is that I need the hugs.






Wishing you happiness always


I am new to this group but I love it ! The feedback and support is awesome !


Hi, this is a beautiful blog, thank you.

It was lovely to read your view. You are both very lucky to have found each other.

Stay strong

Alison x


Beautiful, thankyou


You both are very Blessed to have each other <3


Achingly beautiful. What a treasure true love is.


The greatest happiness-to love and be loved!!


God Bless you both and thanks for sharing.


Inspiring and uplifting! Thank you for your courageous love.


Who thinks of the worst when we say "In sickness and in health"? I know as a healthy bride marrying a healthy husband, I didn't encourage my thoughts to drift that far ahead. Nearly 30 years later, I am blessed that we are strong enough to deal with what life has thrown our way. Love indeed makes it all easier. Beautiful story :-)


You have a great way with words, and a fine story

Good Luck




So happy for the two of you to have found such great love.

Stay strong. HUGS


Man true love is never divided by lifes challenges. She does have more than a friend in you.


Wonderful, sweet, inspiring love story - we can learn from you - you have reminded me of all my blessings as well.


.. Oh what a beautiful love story..


Beautiful love story. Beautifully written.


What a touching love story..........wishing you as many years together as possible.


completely and utterly breathtakingly beautiful.....


That was so "beautifully stated". You two are so fortunate to have found one another....When you "face trials together" the world is much more bearable.

Congratulations, and "Welcome!"


I just reread this and the tears flowed like Spring Rain. I love, my love, you, lovely shaking Angel, sorrowful and proud, I could never tell you how much i miss you. Never tell you not to worry about me, Never tell you how courageous you are. my beautiful brave Heroine. What's a little dopamine between good friends, Eh? I wish you all Love like this.

I wrote a poem about you

there wasn't much else that I could do

I'm truly tired but I'm really true

And all my days are far from blue

Because when i wake I see you...

you're beautiful and I love you...


Beautiful words, beautifully written, I hear the music


beautiful story - reminds me of my own story thanks so much for posting

love sha xxx


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