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Back from holiday

I got back from my holiday in Gran Canaria on Saturday night. Arrived in a freezing cold Manchester Airport at about 2.30 am. Had a really good holiday with brilliant weather. The funny thing was that my tremors, which are my main symptom, had a rest for a week - although they have returned with a vengeance, fully refreshed now. I had very little visible tremor, though some internal ones, for the whole week. I slept better. Even when waking, I got back to sleep quite quickly. I hired a sun lounger for the balcony, but only used it the first and last nights, when I was obviously stressed. I was a bit unsure when entering the swimming pool and still unable to swim as I could not get my legs to the ground. Other than these small inconveniences, I felt 'almost normal' and, I am told looked it.

I think we will have to move there!! This proves to me that stress must really affect my symptoms. But how do I destress myself? I lead an active life, as much as I can, and am very lucky compared to others, but also frustrated having had a taste of how much better things could be. Never like they used to be, but better than they are today after another night of little sleep. Back to reality. Do I feel a song coming on!!

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Hi Sue,

Just dissregard my post , just seen this



hi a


so gla d you had aogod holiday

lol JILL



Hi Sue, Well done, you deserved a good break. I went to the Canaries earlier this year & found a similar response to the tremor. I also found I could walk more easliy so went further & felt less tired. Perhaps we should establish a respite facility over there - funded jointly by NHS, ParkinsonsUK & ourselves. A monthly visit would do us the world of good.

Keep well,



Hi Angela

Sounds like a great idea to me. Count me in. Anything is better than this incessant rain. I also managed to walk further and felt like 'me' again. Still couldn't swim as legs liked to remain in the floating position. Really impressed as I have never been able to float in the past.Hope you are keeping ok. Sue


I have the same problem, try ankle weights.

Hugs, Terri


Sue, Glad you had a good time. The Manchester weather sounds brutal, could give anyone tremors. I wish we could give you some of our 10O+ heat

Stay "well".


i agree with angie - we should all get together and go to the canary islands - regularly xxx


i'm ready to go, love palm trees!


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