Not all "symptoms" point to PD

I was having these bouts with anxiety and vertigo when I would go out for a walk. I had a hunch that it was anxiety fueled since it wasn't an issue at home..But it became really troubling since I do have PD, and was concerned that my PD had progressed. I am still early stage. Anyway, I was having a sort of a disequilibrium (vertigo?)which has since been ruled out by my I have passed all the tests to rule out BPVD (benign paroxysmal vestibular disorder). He encouraged me to practice walking, focusing on a target 20 feet ahead, while blocking out all peripheral stimuli. The ambient stimuli was revving up my anxiety and thus tending to throw off my sense of balance. Now, after working at this for a few weeks, I am (proud to say), able to walk with ease!

So my conclusion and lesson learned: Not all symptoms point to PD!!!!!

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  • I'm glad you have that problem solved. It's "so easy" to blame PD for everything.....I hesitate to guess a lot of PD patients just take it for granted that the "next symptom" is a result from PD medication. Thank you for sharing this.

  • hi i use dot ge tlabyrinthitis (poss from swimmgn pool?) - vertigo and balance problems but have nto had it for a couple of year snow#

    bvpd was dsxd when i required hearing aids atan early age(47) but the dizziness can sitll be quit ebad when i turn my head tooo quickly or look up or down

    no meds foqr PSP thus it si either ht eillness or not

    i use tai chi for improi

    viiiign myh balanceand we do a tai chi walk like hte one you talk of jane

    so htere r thing sone can do'!!

    lol jill

    and amonday


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