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Interested in a TV show about a politician with Lewy Bodies/?PD?

"Boss". Anybody here from Chicago or familiar with Chicago's City Hall politics? After all Chicago received its cliche's name the "Windy City" not because of its actual climatic and occassional winds experienced by any other cities elsewhere but rather because of it's vibrant and often political atmosphiric storms which at times created some rather fierce turnmoil among politicians during the early 1900's and during the reigns of then famous and political stronghold Mayor of Chicago, Richard M.Daily during the midst 1960's and '70's and the struggle for political power amongst precinct aldermen's and the Mayor's office.

I know you may be wondering what the hec does all this have to do with this community website and people with PD? Well if you haven't seen the weekly dramatic cable/dish network program on the premium Starz channels the, " Boss", it is about a ruthless and calculating politically powerful Mayor of the city of Chicago during present times masterfully played by veteran actor, Kelsey Graham [?sp] who also portrays the role of a powerful politician battling not only for constant control of his city and for political power over his political opponents but also a major city Mayor battling for his heath as a person afflicted with the advance and progressive degenerate neurological disorder called Lewy Bodies infiltrations or disease that causes similar neurological signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease. In the show the Mayor often experiences quite a bit of profound hallucinations and other psychotic behaviors plus the usual tremors and other symptoms of PD while performing his political duties as the powerful Mayor of Chicago. In fact Lewy Bodies formation or infiltration is in fact associated with or related to advance PD in many cases. I just wonder why the show's executives and/or producers chose instead to dramatize this related neurological disorder as Lewy Bodies disorder and not simplify as PD as most people know or are familiar with this disorder or have at least heard of this disease.

Needless to say, I do enjoy watching this TV drama series for, one, because I am originally from Chicago and thus I understand the political atmosphere of this city and, two, because I'm a person afflicted with Parkinson's disease for the past 8 to 10 yrs who also may have ? Lewy bodies myself as my movement disorder neurologist had hinted when I had my first but so far only hallucinations after he had augmented my total dopamine medication intake. Not that I really know for sure on this even after experiencing only visual hallucinations at one particular time in my life which eventually sealed the end of my up and going young professional career. Eventually I went on permanent LTD mainly at the request of my former employer at the age of 49.

Anyways, if interested in viewing this tv program it shows new episodes on Fridays at 10PM Eastern time under the Starz premium channels. The show runs numerous times during the week before the new Friday's episode starts again.

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Good to know. PD has been misrepresented on a few shows like Law and Order, and others I do not recall.


Interesting post. Thanks


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