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Tired but Triumphant


Today I'm tired, very tired, very very tired but I am smiling because it is the tiredness of the triumphant. My aching muscles are aching from my efforts not the Devil's Puppeteer's, for once I have him out smarted.

Yesterday we went for a walk, we being a group of young onset pwps and partners/friends. After previous walks it was my turn to do the planning and set the date unfortunately there were a few who could not make it both on the date and because of ill health. That left only seven of us, four pwp and two partners and one dog on a marvellous walk in and around the Cotswold village of Guiting Power. On a glorious sunny Cotswold day we set off on the four mile walk in the country and though this correspondent struggled a bit at the end, due to being unfit more than anything else, we all arrived back at the exact time I had booked the table for lunch at the Hollow Bottom pub. A very good lunch it was to.

To all the intrepid walkers I thank you for a wonderful day.

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From one intrepid walker to another thanks for organising a fantastic walk In the beautiful Cotswold countryside! Tony

how i envy you all - being able to walk in the beautiful english countryside -i cannot walk at all anymore and i was only dx in jan 2010

jillannf6 in reply to shasha

hi sha

replyigbn to yoru 2 blogs - this 1 and the weekend one

r your legs jus tnot holding you up any more?

r u in a wheelchair

and thanks for replyign re my sobbign uncontrollably

i did it again today and not becaus ei was shoute d a th efrustration fo nto beign able to fold anythign up to put it away

and then i starrted falling over


have been to he smkt to do a mini shop up

and am now back in htis wonderful paartment

we r so lcuky ot sitll be here- i mean me and mhy partne r otgether

and altho the weather has got colder today hte heatiing is workign v well

any new son ur house sale in france?

take care

howo if fred and hisu knee/

lol jill


shasha in reply to jillannf6

yes i am in a wheelchair when we go out but fred refuses to let me use it indoors - he prefers to haul me around !! it is so bad though that i am, like this so quickly - oh well i spose i am luckier than nost xxx

PatV in reply to shasha

Don't give up hope. I thought I couldn't walk either until I got a coach, I was recruited actually, now I walk everywhere with a walker. Are you getting out for any PT? Good luck, shasha!

shasha in reply to PatV

a coach ? no i dont get out ata ll excepto go shopping or to the hospital - do tell me more about your coach though

hi sha

sorry about the wheelchair

i have an indoor one from when i broke mh ankle 5r yeear sago and was in the fla tofr 6t weeks non weiegh tbearing

my dayhs out wer eot the fracture clinic when i wa stkaen down the stiar sby lovelyh ambulanc emen adn to the hospital0


It has happpened v quicklyh fo ryou and i do sympathise wiht you both




shasha in reply to jillannf6

thank jill for you input as nice as ever .... how did you get an indoor scooter ?

jillannf6 in reply to shasha

hi sha

i got wheelchair by hiri g it initially then realised i woudl need it fo rthe followiwng no fo weeks and bouhgt it

i hav eused it on a few occasions when i have fallen and been unable to walk at al;l

lol jill



shasha, re coach, my neurologist started an exercise program at the local JCC (like a Y or fitness and culture center) . NIA, yoga, pilates, tai chi, etc. Before the Parkinson's walk last April I was recruited for a walking class which I was sure I could not do, even with walker . . Talk to your doctor about PT when appropriate and see if they can work out something with a local gym. There are PD classes, senior classes and free classes for cancer patients. I'm so determined to walk unassisted again OK maybe a cane.

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