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Hi all, was going to write this earlier today as I was having a really lousy day-----having a major pity party----not looking to invite anyone but just to vent. Was having a lot of pain--mainly lower back which really isn't new. Sunday was our area's first movement day----went through demonstrations of tai chi, then yoga, some stretching exercises before setting off on the longest 1 mile journey around the campus and was so grateful to the young man who was drumming a marching rhytmn on a bongo drum---got me thru last half of my journey. The extra exercise irritated my sciatic and hense the low back pain which made sleeping almost impossible. I felt my whoohoo comments made in my last blog were more like boohoo today. Can I tell you I hate feeling like this because then it seems like the PD is winning and thats not where I want to be right now.................grrrrrrrrrrrrr. It was a rainny day in our part of the world and that didn't help either. Not sure what happened but as day went on and pain meds kicked in I am feeling some better tonite. I guess I still wanted to post this as it is probably my way of coping.............can not always be positive and smiling thinking that this 'beast' we carry inside is never going to come out and try to ruin our lives............for now it is occasional and it may ruin our day or mood but I needed to remind myself that I am not in this alone and tomorrow my whooohoo may be back . Thanks for the shoulders to lean on------so grateful that this forum exists where we can freely express our feelings.

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I think we have to know our limits, we usually find out the hard way when we feel well in doing too much, then next day suffer for it.

We have a saying in Yorkshire

Tha' mun mak t'most o' thysen it's all tha's getten!

I wish you well


love this:)


Himoldtyke snd Cowmom

I know where u r both coming from!!

Lol Jill



I think we all have had days like that, (check out my last blog and you will know where of In speak) but they do tend to get a little better and we just keep on keeping on.

Cowmom, this too shall pass and when it does we know that for a moment we have a little triumph over PD instead of PD triumphing over us!!


Good for you for your active day! We pay the price but hopefully get back on track. I had a long day too and ended in horrific pain. Thank goodness I slept because another busy day! Hang in! :D


Isn't it great we have a place to vent. I think it really helps to be able to tell friends who really understand! Hope the beast is under control today peace be with you




I'm with ya there!..............I've done the same, and "yes", it is nice to know that we have PD "friends" that understand.

Hope today the sun is "shinning" for you! :o)



Thank you all for your input...............I am better today even though manicurist forgot our Monday app't but rescheduled and had my nails painted a warm autumn color this morning---a good spirits lift-me-upper. Then a facebook friend & I had made plans to meet for the first time and have lunch, we had to re-schedule once due to a conflict on her calendar and today was it----I got to the resturant but my friend never showed and silly us never exchanged cell numbers!!! I'm sure we will eventually meet but I decided to order and enjoy a solo lunch. Now I am home waiting for an appt. to show up to discuss Medicare changes--not really sure what this means but will find out if she shows. Then I'm off to pay my respects for a family member who passed away this week. So it certainly has been a full day with no time to dwell on aches and so pity party is really over, time to regain my whooooohooooo and tell the PD..'SORRY NO TIME TO LET YOU RUIN ANOTHER DAY!!!'


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