For difficulty swallowing your medications

I have 2 things thatt work for me and thought I would pass them on. The first is use applesauce or jelly. I use applesauce and it's amazing how the pills go right down even BIG ones. I use 1/2 teaspoon of each pill, or sometimes I even put 2 small ones together and they do right down. The second is when drinking water or other liquid to take your meds use a straw. The reason for this is that when you drink out of a glass you tilt your head back, which opens the wind pipe. When you use a straw your chin can be down, which closes the wind pipe.

Hope these work for you, a great as they do for me



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  • Great ideas!

  • Practical and useful ideas are always very welcome

    kindest regards

  • Thank you. I've always had trouble with large pills! Will try this!

  • Thank you very much for these suggestions.

    When you say 'jelly' do you mean what in the UK we call jam??

    Similar to the straw idea - we find that a drinking cup with a lid and spout is also a great help.


  • Thank you. This is great!

  • joemen1:

    thanks for those suggestions i have one pill that is a problem. will

    try applesauce and straws asap.thanks precious44.

  • Thanks for these ideas. I have been having trouble swallowing lately and will definitely try this.

  • I'll try it.............."Thank you!"

  • Thank you Precious! This will help a lot of people, I'm sure!



  • To me to use the straw is a must and if you are in bed you must sit up and stay in that position for a couple minutes to make sure the meds are down.

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