Does anyone have trouble with speaking?

I am new to this site, so this question may be a repeat. I have difficulty speaking as the day goes on. By afternoon and early evening I have a severe stuttering problem...can barely get a word out.

By 8:30pm my speech returns to almost normal. Tried speech therapy,but it did not help. I am thinking of asking my doctor about muscle relaxers.


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24 Replies

  • yes i do at times my speech is slurred and my voice is soft almost as if i cant let out enough breath to speak. only happens when meds are not wrking

  • Yes, i have had troubles with talking and that is bad for a teacher. It started about two years a little by little. That has been the most frustrating thing in this decease. My speech varies during the day. In the afternoon my medication effects too strongly, so I have some kind of dyskinesia in my lips, i walk as i was drunken and my speech gets blurred. I ´m asked to repeat my speech all the time as people don't hear or understand my speech.

    I have had speech therapy, too, but i think it can't help if the nedication works in another way, so you can't relax your lips and muscles of the toungue and throat. Have anybody tried voice massage. Does it work?

  • Not voice massage

    Had lee Silverman treatment which didn't work 4 mme



  • LSVT didn't work for me either. And I think it only addresses the problem of volume, not the tongue tied slurring of words.

  • Its hard to explain but just yesterday it was so hard to talk, like if i had a sore throat or was just to tired to get the words out. This doesn't really explain how it feels either?

  • Yes, I do get this. In the evening sometimes I'm asked to give a lecture. At those moments, I have the group discuss a subject until meds kick in :)

  • I'm fine ...but everyone around me is losing their hearing :)

  • Hahahaha. We must know the same people.

  • Yes Beachdog, I have the same problem here in this house. hehe

  • I agree with you Beachdog. :)

  • i'm going to try botox shots on oct 5th

  • why ?

  • A year ago I asked a question about speech difficulties. You responded that you were going to try Botox shots on Oct. 5th. Did the Botox help your speech at all?

  • i replied on a past post but would like to ask what medications help with this. I have it all day and night and shortness of breath, shaking and finding it most difficult to walk when I get

    up. It gets better but by 5 or 6 pm. I can hardly walk again. Any help I thank you. ~Dennis

  • Yes, It usually happens latter in the day when my meds are not working as well and I am tired. I sound and look as though I have had a stroke. Everything slows down to a snails pace including the muscles needed to articulate words. I use to get very frustrated, but now just say, " I will tell you latter when my meds are working better." I have also had to write these words down when I keep getting a blank look from people.

  • yes and if I become sick and have to throw up I can't do anything but garble talk. Dr. says part of tremors. Just don't like it.

  • Hi

    Yes ibhave PSP and my voice has got quiter any more garbled

    I amembarrassed when meeting new people and find it diffiicult to express myself

    Lol Jill


    Ps Inhave an iPad with an app Proloquetogo -,when my speech goes completely

  • The slurring is a problem for me - plus, the WORDS I want are not there - it's not a memory loss, because I know what I'm going for - the words just do not follow so I'm left searching ... I find I prefer to listen these days (I've always been a good listener) rather than talk - not good I know but in some situations I prefer not to lose the words and falter during coversations- it's difficult for me to watch the other folks in the same conversation WAITING on me to catch up to speed ...

  • This is exactly how I feel, couldn't have put it better. Amazing how people just need someone to listen to them.

  • I've had issues with mumbling. From what I understand GPI may be a better target than STN if you have speech issues and considering DBS. We'll see.

  • I thought it was just me...I have always had a soft voice, but now even tho I think I'm very loud no one hears me. I also believe other people need hearing aids. lol Bottom I repeat a lot..

  • Speech therapist I went to immediately after my PD diagnosis used to say 'Use it or lose it.' I was a teacher and started having speech problems 20 years before I was diagnosed with PD. So I reckon the voice problem antedated the PD. Intrestingly the PD Specialist Nurse said PD was common among teachers. My voice varies in quality from normal to a quiet strangulated squwak. Worst thing is talking to my kids on the phone.

  • I slur my speech a lot and my husband is constantly saying "huh" to me which just makes me angry. I doubt that muscle relaxers will help but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. I just get to the point where I refuse to repeat myself. It definitely is frustrating.

  • My hubby has PD and some times I can't barely understand him. It's like his tongue is heavy. I notice when he sleeps his tongue hangs out of him mouth on the right side.

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