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3 minutes without PD

Shuffling across my overgrown field this morning. On a mission to cut myself a length of Witch hazel for a walking stick. Just about got there when i tripped ,lay there doing a body parts roll call ,next thing am up on my feet the side of my face and forearms stinging like mad. I had fell into a bunch of nettles ,i spent the next few minutes pulling Dock leaves and rubbing the affected areas. The moral of this story is, if you want take your mind off things. Go wack yourself with a nettle .( Not for the faint hearted)

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Let's see here,,,,,,,a list of fun things to do. "Go whack yourself with a nettle"

So far that comes in about 8th on my short list.

Did you get your walking stick?


Hi ronn, yes i did thanks . Took a safer route .


I'm off in search of some nettles lol - thank you x


Kinky or what? rolling in nettles, lol.

At least you did not fall into a cow pat

Apparently they have used Nettles to sting paralysed limbs with.

Fortunate to have those wonderful plants in the field so good for the soil and for nettle beer and soup in spring. Nettles have a sting but also many other good uses.


I love this story.. Off we go with determination in our stride (while we secretly count a marching rythym) and !BOOM without an ounce of warning we are falling into a pile of nettles, or our furniture, our driveway, upon entering or exiting doors - it doesn't matter except to note we never know when. For me a walking stick (cane) or walker or anything at all placed in my hands in front of me more often than not causes me that horrilble forward pitch "Here I Go" fall. So what todto? Pick yourself up, say your thanks to those that may have assisted, get on your way again, and remember to smile. Because you can.


hi i agree

a good story and it has triggered off memories fo rus alll of wha tnettles can be used for

it is so diffiyclt not to us e a stck but i tend to fall anhyway anyhwhere wit or without

i am nto using my 4 wheel frame a t present as it wa s runngin awyy iwht me 0- the brakes were fine but i was not

and i am wlakiagn better and mor e upright wihtot it but with myh stick and knee pads on 24 /7 for th4 fwd falls

lol jILL



I love this story too! Thank you for sharing. At least you can look at the bright side! What other choice did you have? And you accomplished your mission! Good for you!




hahaha I seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD! I remember stinging nettles from my childhood. Now mydaughter makes herbal tea. Thanks. p.s. to cathi I sing my marching song out loud. No one notices in NYC and my grandkids know I need it to make me walk :D


hahahaha ....... I have loads of 3 minutes without PD, one I loved was 'rolly pollying' down a hill in my bike leathers...... totally free from ....well everything! going to steal your title hope you dont mind!


Its yours, looking forward to the list.


Jobby you stumbled into a centuries old remedy for join pain. Nettle whacking. Well done mate! Hahaha ... Glad your mission was successful.


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