So I had my DBS evaluations

September 10th bright and early I left for the clinic, which is about an hour and a half away..My appt was at 9.30 and I had to miss my 5 am and 8 am dosage...the last dosage I had was the previous nite at 7.15 I was way off.... Then I was checked during off, then had one dose, waited for about an hour, was not On fully, took another dosage...was checked for ON, had my psych eval, then went for my cognitive memory eval...which I enjoyed...

I am sposed to wait for 2 weeks for my result but I think I am going to be okayed for the surgery...lets see...My journey towards DBS continues:)

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  • May you experience all the benefits of the surgery. Good luck.

  • thank u so much for your wishes

  • I wish you well with the surgery.

  • Thank you bunches

  • good luck to you!

  • Thanks so much

  • Good luck. I had DBS surgery in 2007. Best thing I ever did.

  • thank u for the hoping for the same .

  • Good luck!! I had DBS in 2004 and it was also the "best thing I ever did!!"

  • :)) 2004 was when I was diagnosed

  • I was diagnosed in 2004 also. I had DBS in 2006. Only got one side done though, but that has been the best thing I ever did! I'm considering going to get the other side done yet this year! I personally considered all the risk factors and decided it was a "No Brainer." Pun intended! LOL! My best goes out to you!



  • :))) a punner like me:) as i say getting ready to get drilled:PP

  • Good one! LOL!!!!

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