HBO Documentary on Freddie Roach

Hi everyone,

I live in Jersey, Channel Islands (UK). I do not have the HBO channel and would like to try and watch the above documentary which was shown earlier this year over a few episodes. I have an interest in Freddie Roach as I do a bit of boxing training to work on my motor skills.

Any suggestions / help with this would be appreciated.

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  • Utube

  • Yahoo Search on internet yielded about 5 HBO channel articles about this documentary.

    The search is - hbo freddie roach.

    I did not try any other search engines.



  • I got it thanks. I am onto episode 3 already. I think this guy is so dignified, brave and just gets on with it.

  • "Roach's doctors feel that his active in-ring training routines with his fighters and tremendous hand-eye coordination that he has to exhibit has made it possible to slow the progress of the disease" Wikipedia, Inspiring!

    btw I recently read Bob Hoskins recently retired from acting due to PD. But my favorite guy on the Sunday news Bill Geist finally came out with it. I can't imagine not telling anyone not even my kids that I have it. But he's still working. Good for these folks who 'represent'!!

  • Yes I read that about Roach too. He is fantastic in the ring.

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