Still no sleep

Friday night ,Sat morning 4am gmt , when will these fucken sleepless nights end , just about going off ma nut here sitting in the kitchen , shaking like a pinball macine , oh and listening to music , just found a video in youtube of a very good friend of mine who sadly passed away on his 35th Birthday, so why am i moaning about sleeping ? time one thinks to give my self a kike up the backside , Francise was a show man and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

I was fortunate to be a friend of Franks for many years and one of the last giggs he did was in my local pub ( Chapmans)

, have a wee look and listen to this guy , i get a tear in my eyevery time i listen to this

So why am i tell you all this , well we think we are hard done by some times with old Parkie, as i said Frank died on his 35th Birthday, he lived his life to the fullest and i mean to the fullest, i remember when he told me he had just a few months to live,, and his words were "Fuck it Shieldsy am no gony let this fucker get to me" farnk had a double brain tummer and they could not operate on it , so for the remainder of his time we parted like there was no tomorrow,

So iam going to do he same, no more moanig , bitching or selfpitty



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  • Hi Al

    There is always someone who is worse off then we are. I, too, do not sleep and sit alone trying to fill in time until I hear my husband getting up. Oh for the days when I used to sleep until morning.

    On a more positive note, am going on hols to Gran Canaria today. Hope a few cocktails will send me off to the land of nod. Not that I usually drink, mind you!! Badly need a rest, but sorry to miss Jill's party tonight. Have a drink for me, please.



  • Hi Sue,

    Enjoy your holiday, i have to wait till October brfoe i can go away again , not long

    have a feww on the plane and thensome more and Sleep

    take care


  • Sleep???? WTF is that????

  • Swear its cool


  • sorry for that...just so frustrated and worn ...never get any more than 3 hours sleep at a time...wondering when I will just fall over...sorry for the loss of your friend...your quotes of him make him sound like an irish guy...nice!

  • Hi Mccshe,

    I know how you feel.......I never get more than 3 hrs sleep at a time either. It's so frustrating.

  • Hi Jocee.

    Please tell do YOU manage on that amount of sleep?? I feel as though my body is "angry" with me all the time!

  • Hi Mccshe,

    I usually to to bed around 11 pm, up around 2 am, watch tv or use the computer till 5 am then go back to bed for 1 to 2 hrs. Then I take a couple of 1 hr naps per day, depending on how tired I am. I have tried sleep aids (over the counter) and found them to have the opposite effect. Make me hyper and jittery. I used to sleep 9 hrs before PD. I try to keep away from caffeine, chocolate or sugar for several hrs before bedtime or I won't sleep at all!

  • Hi,

    No he was from Glasgow , have a wee look at the link i posted and you will see why i said that about him


  • I had a similar problem but was prescribed amitriptyline tablets which touch wood appear to have solved the problem of sitting up all night! I was also suffering from depression which exaggerated the situation but trying to teach on 2 hours sleep not good either

  • It would be a diificult thing to do...teaching that is. I am a nurse by profession, thankfully in a doctor's office at this point!!!! Not even seeing patients but one day a week, have to do more "sit down" work courtesy of PD. But truly I am grateful to still be working :)

    Best to you!!

  • Yep Amitriptyline did it for me. Even better with a small glass of cider !

  • To Al:

    Have you tried Light Therapy? Many patients rely upon it to maintain their circadian rhythms. It might be worth a go.

    You live in Glasgow ... have you found yourself leaning towards yellow jumpers? It might be an indication of a light deficiency. HA! (bad joke my bad ... still funny)

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Carry on strong.

  • Hey al wrote u this long note then computor wouldn't let me post. So here we go again just short version. I can't imagine how it is to not sleep that's one part of this hell i haven't had to deal with but one or two nights. I am sorry u lost a friend . I have some friend who play the blues and i can't express in words how when they play it frees my soul. I can get lost for a time. Enjoy your friends music its a true blessing.

  • I am so grateful when I get 2-3 hours a night

  • aah i know exactly what u mean..though I manage sometimes to stumble and put on the tv, though all i see are infomercials at that time... then i end up crashing during th eday...what fun eh

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