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The eye of the tiger ..... ish

I am pacing like a caged tiger ..... I can't sit down, I can't stand up. It has always been thus for me at the beginning of the rugby season, raring to get on the field after the summer brake.

Of cause I am only dreaming my rugby career finished a few seasons ago, pressure of work made it more and more difficult to find the time to train and play. At the hight of my rugby career, in my mid 30s I was training for the RAF Station team on Monday, training for my club side on Tuesday, playing for the station on Wednesday, training for the club again on the Thursday, drill training with the club on Friday and playing for the club on Saturday. If that wasn't enough, I also played in the local Sunday Football (soccer) League as a goalkeeper.

So is this tiger feet bit a vestige memory of my playing days? Is it heck as like?

My toes are trying to touch down on the ceiling.

My feet are as big as a mammoth's.

My legs are as red as the flag of the same name.

The whole issue is a blur of pain.

Bring back my playing days, OK so my body was always trying to recover from the abuse of the latest game but at least it recovered ...... sigh.

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take it your not sleeping , i was also in the RAF , i was a rock ape for my sins and as fit as a fiddle , now old Parkie is doing his best to take a wee bit of my body every day, i joind a gym last week just to try and get some of my fitness back , so unleash the tiger and go for it.

Sorry my spelling is shite , but thats just the way it is now,

take care




SORRY u r having problems stqyign fit - same for me as i cannto walk anywhere on my own (dange rof falling)

and i cannot swim anhy mor e(cannot co-ordinate hand arfms and legs)

and The pool si too big a danger as are ht4 changing rooms re fallimg

but TAI CHI is great for balance and well beign

and my singing is goo d for breathign and slowign me down


after SAINTS have played ((and lost ?- )their game in th eLEAGUE PLAY OFfs

lol Jill