Happy Weekend.......and Jillannf6's Online party

Hope everyone has a happy weekend. I'm on shift as I write this blog I finish at 10am sat morning then spending day with my 3 kids.......then back on shift at 7.30pm Sat evening til 3pm Sunday.

My new relationship is going from strength to strength.....we are very much in love....I'll post a pic asap.

Me and Jill are having an online party tomorrow starting at 8pm UK time and everyone is invited to join, we hope to hear from the regulars and newcomers alike....should be a blast....THERE WILL BE TABLE DANCING!!!!! Who's up for the first dance with me? ;-)

See You There

Andy :-)

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  • hi ANDY

    it has ot eb me fr th e1st dance!!

    but only after saints match finishes v warrignton!

    at approx 8pm

    just right 2 get the party started

    c u all there

    lol JIll


  • Hi Jill

    Deal! And come on Saints!


    Andy xx

  • PM conga line!

    Save a dance with me Andy!

  • Hi Nouska

    I'll certainly save a dance for you ;-)

  • hi . be more than happy to dance on tables with everyone as long as we dont spill the red wine .....

    hope to join you all x

  • the table dancign is easy

    you get a pe t toy and walk i taround to th music so nothgin gets spilt

    certianlyh not the ered wine

    lol Jill

    c u there


  • Sorry to be missing the party. will be thinking of you all.

  • Count me in Big Man, never one to give up a chance to party,

    No water now as you know its bad for you


  • I see you'll be dancing on Tables this weekend. I am restoring a small antique Sutherland Table this weekend.

    As for the dancing bit I am not so sure.

    The last time I danced was when I sat on a bumble bees nest.

    Have a real lovely time. be good, and if you can't be good be careful.

  • yes

    but plz log in an dbe there

    good luck with the table restoration - lots of waxign needed/?

    lol Jill


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