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Chicken and Egg Syndrome and Brick walls!

I am one of those people that once they get their claws into something I rarely let go.

I enjoy doing bits of research on anything which is of interest.

More often you hit a brick wall eventually.

I have been looking at this deficiency of Vit D in PD plus other deficiencies as they seem to surface in due course.

Lots of information on various health and nutrition sites which seems are informing us it is a common thing with PD.

Am I being so cynical if I believe that these sites are just wanting to selling products?

These sites I suspect will be taking information from many sources, but almost certainly I believe post Diagnosis and while treatment is on going.

Which leads me to this constant Chicken and Egg syndrome debate, which came first?

Did these deficiencies cause the PD?

Or ''the drugs'' cause the deficiencies?

I had blood tests before PD was diagnosed, there was never any mention of deficiencies.

Then came the adverse blood glucose levels after being medicated.

They were not there previous to Diagnosis.

It leads me to believe these deficiencies are all part and parcel of the treatment or are they?

Ask your Doctors and you usually you get a negative.

Ask the drug companies and you get very little information except that which is on the drug sheet in the packet. Try research and you hit a brick wall every way you turn.

I try to take a great interest in anything which concerns me personally and hope it may be of interest to other people with the same condition too.

This is purely out of interest, I am not complaining about my lot in life.

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My husband and I both had low Vit D after he was diagnosed. He has PD and I do not. So who really knows or will we ever understand how the human body really functions.


If we took everything that was supposed to help us we would be taking pills all day and if we felt a bit better, how would we know what was helping us? I have bought a couple of supplements, but keep forgetting to take them!! Find it enough of a bind to take my meds. Expect some things can be beneficial, but which? We are all different and have different needs.


You might want to try the PD support forum at Neurotalk at

There is a huge amount of info in their searchable archive.


This website is a most irritating one to use, I joined it a while ago, even after logging in you have to put up five posts before going further etc.

Thankyou for though

kind regards


I was diagnosed with Type ll Diabetes before I was diagnosed with PD, but my primary (who sent me to three Neuro's) thought I had PD 10 years before being diagnosed at 53. And low "almost 0 Vitamin D" after being diagnosed with PD! So go figure! I think it is just so different with everyone! And Diabetes ran in my Mother's side of the family! ?????




Wow thats very interesting i have had to take vit d supplements twice because i had almost none. it was a strange thing but never thought about it and pd i was very anemic also?


I too have been told that I need vit D supplements! So when I was growing up, it was go outside, get in the sun! Twenty years later they start saying, wear sunscreen, shade, beware of sun cancer! So, now I'm shark bait, lilly white, pigment deficient and need vit D. What does my doc tell me, go out in the sun, but not too much,just enough, but don't burn, Lordy I'm tired before I ever leave the doctor's office!


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