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Sleepless in Gartcosh Part 3

3.45am GMT Tuesday 11th October , When will this ever end ?, now going on for nearly a year since i have had a good nights sleep , with the med changes and all the side effects that go with them , it is impossible to get a good nights kip,any way , here we are and i know i am not alone, so hello to my fellow night hawk Parkies,

I have just bought Dragon Naturally Speaking and have been fighting with it for a week now trying to get the bloody thing to recognise my voice, i think one of the problems with it , is that it has difficulty with the Queens English , so what chance have i got ? nada , nout , nae chance have i got any hope of getting this to work , NO , being a weeggie and a Parkie and one who swears a lot i think ill just chuck it in the bin, but you have to have a wee chucle to your self ,

Its Thearter of the mind time my friends,

So picture Mad Al sitting at 3 am in the kitchen also in the dark trying to consentrate on speach , reading out the paragraphs in the recognition ( oh forgot to say , i have a wee head light on ma nut so i can see the laptop)i must look like some kind of nutter , any way hope LA does not come down the stairs as she would pish her self at the stae i look, well i get some word right the frustation get the better of me and a wee swear word kiks in then another and an outher, un till i just shout at the computer , ah fuck it , stuped of me to think that any recognition software would work with my accent, will i try it again ? not bloody likely,,

on a lighter note i am giving up drinking , What ? MAd Al giving up his fave Stella , OH NO ,

just published in a news paper yester day was an article on Scottish Water and Liver disease,


Thousand of Scots may be at risk from liver disease because of their tap water, new research suggests,

Our death rate from laicohol is one of the worst in Europe.

But scientists now believe the grim toll may be partly down t household water supplies and not simply the amount people drink.

I wont bore you with the rest, but i for one hail the scientists, so you see water is bad for you , i might just have a can of stella with my breackfast today,

Going to hospital to day for yet another check up, think ill take the booze article with me for a laugh, well the Docs always ask how much booze do we drink, now i have evadence that its water thats bad for you,

enough of my rant, think i'll go and watch some through the night TV

Good night or Morning


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No I have not emigrated - just having a rough time Al - same as you. Sleep in the morning from about 8 o'clock but nighttime, forget it.

Had a giggle at you buying Dragon programme. I have a pal in Newcastle and she has mega problems getting the thing to understand her. So, unless you have a mid-atlantic accent, don't swear (no chance aye pal?) and don't use slang words you are right - bung it in the bin. I pass time playing Battle Pirates on Facebook to pass the night away. Met some lovely people from all over the world. Don't touch water - over my throat that is, unless cleansed in alcohol or boiled in a kettle. I had not heard about that before.

Good luck later today with the medics - i wont hold my breath all the same.

Good morning when it comes,



It was on page 21 of the daily Ranger


Hi Drew,

Nice t here from you , hows that lovely wife of yours?

so what you think about The Water , funny i thought , oh just slayed the dragon , its binned



Oh forgot to mention. Watched Andy Murray win his first grand slam in New York earlier. Of a sudden he is "British" now he's won. He was "A dour Scot" before that. Imagine. Considering he survived the massacre at Dunblane School he has not done bad for himself. 76 years since a British person has won a major title in tennis. Nearly as long as the Scotland fitba team. On that high note I'm away.


Great night for Andy, and the Scots, just a pity our fitba team are shite ,

i have tickets for tonight but might show them the same respect i afforded the Dragon

Talk soon



Iv'e tried those speaking prorammes my self and no they dont work unless you speak with a plum in your mouth.

will not recognise regional accents

They do come up with some silly words in gobbledegook though.


Thanks mate,

Glasgow accent is just too much for it , so i have chucked it in the binn



hi al and drew and oldtyhke

i have gone for an ipad and PROLOQUETO GO SPEECH for typign in stuff then it si posssibel tto point at things on the board and say "drink i want drink" etc

f r when mhy speech is impossible to understand - which will happen iwht the PSP

Sorry u r both havin g a bad tiem of it not sleepign etc

a parrty on sat or sunday night see andyc .ss blgo post

lol Jill]



Hi jill,

nice to here from you . just love a party, i chucked the dragon in the bin, think my swearing got too much for it

love as always



Hi Al, I have problems with sleep too.I get out of bed because of pain and so I dont wake Bill up,he works 4 10 hour days and needs his sleep.People always say "Why are you up so early?" like I want to be up at this hour(4am)!Geez Louise,if I could sleep, i sure would.

Any ways,when I havent slept well for a couple of days,I take Ativan,either a half or whole 1mg and it works for me.Thankful for all the different meds,because we are all not the same.

Hope you get some sleep Al and if the water isnt safe,then drink your Stella :)


thanks Annie,

What is Ativan and where can you get it?

much the same as you Laraine works and i dont want to wake her up, you should have seen the state i was in this morning , i bought a wee torch thing that straps to you head , must have looked a total nurd walking about with this light on .

any way if the water up here kills you then am sticking to Stella

Ha Ha

take care



you two are so funny - i love you both - drew and al

xxx ooo xxx



we are just a pair of Mad scots guys , whi have just found out water is bad for you , so stella it is from now on, at least when people think i am drunk I Might be

Love you Loads



Ativan is a benzo like Xanax or valium,prescribed by my neurologist to help me relax and go to sleep




Cheers Billyray ,

i dont smoke , and i am not going to start at my age , so i guess it beer all the way



iam 62 never smoked a joint in my life..drank a few beers ..however...what a differance itt makes..serioussly....


Hi BillyRay,

what do you mean the smokin or the drinkin, as for my self ye canny whak a guid bevvie



coincidence I'm going to my neuro today too. Too bad as a young woman who always has a hard time on 9/11 wanted to visit. She still suffers with the after effects.

I'm loving your experience with the spoken word problem,, would love to visit Scotland.

I sleep with help of clonopan, melatonin and valerian. I read until I start yawning. If only I could poop. Oh, well, we can't have everything. :D


Laughs I am a night walker too to the light of my mobile phone. I also try not to wake my husband. My apartment turns into an obstacle course in the dark. I seem to come to life at night unless I am having a bad time with leg pain. Only problem is I have work and have to up by 7am to start my med regime. Its the same at the weekend 2 to 5 hrs sleep max and then wide awake and needing to move at 7am. I used to feel I had to keep lights, tv off when I woke during the early hours then I discovered it does not make any difference whether they are on or off I am still awake. (smiles). Of course straight after work around now BUMPFFF sound asleep on the settee no problem. Have to set an alarm to wake me up to finish my day and get anything done.



To Al:

Where was this article? Please inform.

Was it about adding magnesium to public water supply? Soft water v hard water? Curious.

DragonNaturallySpeaking original box should read : Does not translate Glaswegian.

I would have liked have been a fly on the wall to hear what was translated and how by the Dragon!



Hi Nouska,,

The artical was in a Scottish national newpaper The Daily record on page 21 , you can read it via there web site , i have been telling people for years that i do not mix my drinks , just goes to show you what a load if pish the government spin doctors tell the general public, i know glasgow has a bad rep re booze, but i gues now the savy peeps of Scotland will be having a good old laugh about it now. i had to check the date of the paper incase it was 1st april and i had missed 7 mts of life , any way i am going to the gym now and after a few pints of stella the elixer of life , i will not be watching scotland play football as they are shite


Mad al


Cheers Al.

So ... good rule to live by ...

If it is not fermented DO NOT drink it.

Pure dead brilliant.

Blame the water.



The Artical from yesterday

10 Sep 2012 06:30

Calls to bin alcohol price rise as research suggests tap water could be as dangerous

MINISTERS have been urged to ditch plans to raise the price of alcohol after research suggests household water supplies could be linked to liver disease.

Drinking tap water could lead to liver disease reveals new research

THOUSANDS of Scots may be dying from liver disease because of their tap water, new research suggests.

Our death rate due to alcohol abuse is one of the worst in Europe.

But scientists now believe the grim toll may be partly down to household water supplies and not simply the amount people drink.

The latest study shows that people in soft-water areas – where it’s easier to get a lather from soap – are more likely to suffer liver disease.

Last night, there were calls for ministers to ditch plans to raise the price of alcohol.

John Duffy, a public health lecturer at Birmingham University and former Scotland Office adviser, said: “I have my doubts over the efficacy and legality of the policy of minimum-pricing of alcohol so if it were proved that there are problems relating to the water supply then we could see liver disease dealt with a different way.”

The study, funded by the Foundation for Liver Research, was led by Professor Roger Williams, who was footballer George Best’s surgeon.

It looked at hospital admissions for alcoholic liver disease (ALD) in England and compared them with the type of tap water available.

Areas with a soft supply – which has low levels of magnesium – witnessed ALD rates 21 per cent above the national average while those with hard water had rates 13 per cent below the norm.

The report said: “Scotland’s drinking water is almost uniformly soft and there is considerable experimental evidence implicating magnesium deficiency in the [development] of alcohol-induced liver damage.” Professor Williams said: “These results suggest for the first time that the water supply may be a significant factor in explaining this anomaly. Perhaps we should supplement the water supply with magnesium.”

In 2010, there were 8790 alcohol-related deaths in the UK though in Scotland, the rate was 22.3 per 100,000 population compared to the UK average of 12.9.

The SNP’s minimum-pricing strategy – which will see drink sold for at least 50p per unit – comes into force next April.

The Scottish Government said: “There are currently no plans for artificial hardening of water beyond that which is required to comply with legal standards.

“Setting a minimum price of alcohol is one of the most effective ways of reducing alcohol misuse and harm and that is why we will be introducing one.”


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