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tonight mypartner astounded me , the other day we met a friend of mine he is a fellow sufferer she spoke to his wife,G my partner said B my friend suffers worse than you he doesnt trust his wife out of his sight he gets paranoid about her meeting people ur not like that in the last couple of years hasnt she noticed my speech going worse my limp turning into a drag my left hand going more useless my shake is monumental & she thinks that me worrying about her & the milkman would be worse id SHAKE the mans hand in fact his milk would be butter by the time ilet go it made me realize just how little everyone knows about this annoying condition part of someone elses poem sums it up for me ,YOU LOOK SO WELL I HEAR THEM SAY , I WISH THEY COULD BE ME FOR JUST ONE DAY

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Thata the terrible cannot explain to anyone how it feeels. Very frustrating..It doesnt help, that all neurologists I have met so far seem the worst suited to their level of understanding ..just scientists wanting to stuff pills down us.

My partner is younger than me and very fit..he gets impatient with my slowness all the time . Of course that makes me more nervy and even slower. He takes his own frustration out on me when annoyed...verbally! ..Its hard in a relationship ..then I wonder how would I manage without him? He helps me with putting on difficult clothes, shoes necklaces, zips. He helps me with my computer, he drives me around etc etc oh well try and keep smiling!:))



i have problems wiht brushing my hair / zips / putting jewellry on etc / socks and shoes- al done by my carer who comes in 6days out of 7

she drives me to local appts and mypartnerdoes the bigge rthings like carrying things for me

as i fall over when i carry anything= an empty glass (SHOULD HAV EBEEN FULL!)

Lol jIlll



An empty glass is just a full one waiting for the vintage champagne



yep, cam totally relate. everyday is a constant struggle for me (off n on...depends how meds work). during my real bad off periods i can't hardly move if i do real slow and my hubby also helps with brushing hair, getting dressed, drives me around, etc. it sucks.... i hate being dependent on someone at only 43. he is a good man n i don't know what i do without hm. i get really stiff n no matter what can't get comfortable and my whole body just feels like dead weight. anyone else feel like that? it's a shame more people are not aware of the "whole" when it comes to parkinson's. it's not just an old people shaky disease, there is so much more and just bec 1 does well on certain meds doesn't mean the next 1 will do just as well.


I'm 45 and started having symptoms at 40 and was diagnosed at 42. I've always been a gym/sports kinda guy, but when I was diagnosed I pretty much stopped going to the gym, running or exercising and I felt myself getting worse rapidly. I decided to go back to the gym and taking 25 mg DHEA x3 / day along with the meds my neurologist prescribed ( 100mg Amantadine x2/day , 50/200 sinemet x3 / day and requip 4mg x2 / day ) and I'm feeling pretty good these days, next week I'm running a half marathon. I think the meds def help, but the exrecise and the DHEA make a huge difference too.


Why Dhea?



Feel sad reading your post,

It seems that G is saying what is your problem you are not as bad B. I tried to understand it another way where G is saying good on you, you are doing well, you are managing better than B.

But you know your wife and what she might be meaning, or do you? Sometimes asking for clarification gives surprising answers.

Hope you and dog are getting plenty of long walks on that beautiful beach. Is the sunset is as good as down the coast?

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