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The Shield!

I thought I was unbreakable, nothing could pearce my shield.

I've always been the lucky one, not a thing could harm nor kill.

And many chances did I have, to earn scars and broken bones.

But, I always came through smiling, making it safely home.

Then one day my balloon did burst, and from my dream I woke.

And when I looked into the mirror, I saw a person who shook.

They could not walk very fast, their driving made me crazy.

But as I watched their slow right turn, I saw the person was me!

Now I've come to realize my shield, fell apart years ago.

And no one lives forever, only with Jesus can that be so.

So I will join with other's, to fight Parkinson's Disease.

And together we'll find a cure, so many of us will be free.

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Nice poem!




wonderful poem


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